Jeffrey Kuhner - Should Arizona Secede? (answer...ummm YEAH)

Nature Nazis wave the white flag and beg for quarter-I say roast them with solar panels like slugs on a driveway

Ft. Worth TX made deals with the devil and now can't pay for them so should it make more deals with more devils?

Lefty Libtards aren't happy with the prospect of just killing grandma-they want the doctors to do it for FREE

Governor Brewer tells 9th Circuit that it must grant a speedy appeal because Obama received one from Judge Bolton

The Fed giveth and the Fed taketh away, FOR GOOD! Housing market was biggest gubbmint bubble ever and the worst is yet to come -

Hey folks! Dear Leader did NOT make a mistake showing off the pillbilly babe in need of unemployment benefits-she's a MODEL ObamaBot citizen!

Obama: Now let me be clear: I am outraged that these executives are getting bailout bonuses... except that guy I just hired as my OMB director

Obama: Even if you racist, hick-haysee, cracker whities elect a black guy as President you will all still be racist, hick-hayseed....

Wow that Mexican Flag sure is purty flying over Mexico Ci... wait, that's downtown Phoenix!

Tragedy: July is deadliest month ever for Afghan War - now that G.I.'s are dying on the "right battlefield" I guess Lefties are OK with that

Facebook will put off its IPO until Obama is out of office

Obama fires Sherrod who then sues Breitbart for what Obama did

Obama recession is official: GDP grows 2.4% after $10 trillion in stimulus/bailouts etc-who will pay for the hangover

J-Lo-da-ho (not to be confused with J-Lo Hewitt) to be new American Idol judge

The DNC ad that I WISH were what the Tea Parties could get the GOP to do

Antnee Weiner loses it on the floor of the House of Demagogues

The congressional hate prosperity caucus wages war to end ALL health Insurance

Just as predicted: Health Insurance companies stop writing policies for children because of ObamaCare

L.A. Slimes editorial" 10th Amendment makes ALL immigration issahs -- FEDERAL isshas

Ben Franklin- Wealth is good-Opulent wealth is really good


Red said...

"Obama fires Sherrod who then sues Breitbart for what Obama did"

That has to be my favorite headline. Sherrod the racist sues Brietbart for calling her to the carpet while Obamessiah gets off scott free for firing her sorry butt. And she'll still be voting Dumbocrat come November.

LandShark 5150 said...

Red - like me says "socialism/racism is for the people not the socialist/racist". Funny haw nobody seems to be upset at the people who cheer the racism on in the video of her explaining her racist past.