Missouri strikes the first voter blow to Obama's Health Care

Tuesday was an election day in the State of Missouri, and on the ballot, OBAMA-CARE. This is the first time a proposition has been placed on the public ballot on whether or not the voters want the individual mandate, KNOWING it is a key provision of the Obama-Care package.

The answer was not no, but HELL NO!

With a margin of more than 70-30 in support of the proposition, the State of Missouri will no longer enforce the mandate nor allow their citizens to be punished by fines or penalties for not purchasing health care. Why is this a big deal? 3 reasons.

First, the Missouri legislature had not taken a stance on Obama-care and this solidifies the will of the State with more resounding force than any unified Governor and Attorney General ever could.

Second, we have heard nothing but stupid polls claiming that support for Obama-care was almost TIED with opposition for it. a difference of 40% is not a close call, its a slaughter.

Third, republicans made up less than 60% of the voters yesterday, meaning that independents and democrats are in the same stance AGAINST Health care.

This is a great day for federalism and State's rights. So how does the media respond?

By never addressing the issue, and if it is mentioned it is, "merely symbolic and have no real effect on Health Care". Oh yes, we are at war, and the people have spoken.
by Mike Church

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Red said...

That still won't stop Barry and Eric from pursuing a lawsuit to overturn the vote. It's like our current 'government" wants us to go to civil war.

LandShark 5150 said...

Red - as the boys from down under say " if you want blood you got it"!

bluepitbull said...

Hey, don't forget that it's trez chic these days for all branches to give a resounding middle finger to the people.

LandShark 5150 said...

Blue my boy! Good to see you got some kick left in ya.
I understand your leave and break from. The boot needs rest before the march into.
As Wyatt said, "I'm coming and hells coming with me!"

bluepitbull said...

OOOOOhhhhh!!! Good copy there!!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

YeeeHaw!! Kick-stanky-BO-ass!! Live free or die...