Just when you thought Dear Leader's Mordor on the Potomac couldn't get any more tyrannical and vindictive they find a new enemy to harass: Dust

Americans give up their passports to escape Leviathan and live abroad..forever

The understatement of the century "Az sheriff says Leviathan has become our enemy"

Just as I proposed on yesterday's show, entrepreneurs are finding ways to get AROUND onerous rules, taxes and regulations

Is Krugman confessing his sins before the tar and feathers come out for Obama and Pelosi's economic Reichstag?

Glory Be! The HuffPo gets us excited with news that republicans want to REPEAL the 14th amendment...alas, it's just the usual pathetic media bias at work...darn!

Pay no attention to the power drunk Congressman who says the Congress' powers are limitless, the QUESTIONER is brilliant

State of Maryland and city of Baltimore wage war on man who owes $3.91 in property taxes

Is Ken Cuccinelli leading the beginnings of a sovereign state revolt against the Federal Leviathan?

Same story on Rand Paul from The Hill shows their bias for Leviathan and all its majesty

Rand Paul is back to form-saying the feds have no bidness being in the mining bidness

If you thought the flow chart for ObamaCare graphic was scary just wait'll you READ what it does!

Jonah Goldberg laments the longing for dead conservatives and wonders why we don't all rally around Mitt for brains Romney

Are libertarians ready to join forces with the impure conservatives!? maybe so....

My Monday monologue on the "Black Market" is the subject of Mish Shedlock's latest blog post!

Small Bidness checks out of the race to get to Hades with Obama first (they're going underground)


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The Griper said...

i like the way you wrote the title, sharky.

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper - what? The old anti-racial two step, forgetting that the hick hayseed redneck vote that got a black man elected would actually vote against a anti 13th amendment, pro slavery act of government or the basketball score?

The Griper said...

he laughs, good response, sharky. that response made my whole day better.

LandShark 5150 said...

I'm shaking it boss. Like ol luke, I'll run rabbit!