Achorn Babies Is Not A Recent Development Like Some Claim Contrary to the stories of many

LibTards who don't want to answer the logical problems laid out before them and always default to, "well why is this birthright citizenship question coming up now?"
 Well, Sir or Ma'am (using those terms LOOSELY), the truth is that this is NOT a new issue. The issue of "Anchor babies" is quite old, even in the political arena of more than 2 years.
 This video (which we found at breitbart.tv) is two years old - and if the "mainstream" got this two years ago, it must have been news back then.


Texas breeds 60,000 NEW illegals every year

And while we're on the subject, the argument that it will cost to much to deport -- BS! It is funny how on a law that hasn't been broke ( Obamacare) the gubermint can hire 16,000 tax agents, but the law which is broken ( immigration ) we don't add border guard jobs or add national guardsmen. It is the political voting wheel spinning amok. If 20,000 (ice backs) came over from up north, willing to vote for the R side, you'd have a national emergency of security. But I regress.


Red said...

I'm really hoping for some Tea Party Republicans and libertarians taking office in November. I really really am. BTW, how'd the stress test go?

LandShark 5150 said...

My fins will be in water for along time, Thanks sug. The bastards tried to kill me on the treadmill, they found my teeth. And speaking of teeth -- hubba hubba, the curves you put on notice, I noticed - nice! Tried to comment from the crackberry but couldn't get to the comment page on the post. Glad to see you made it home from the democrat utopia of Houston.