On this Veterans Day - I simply say thank you.
For all of my blogging friends, please ck the follow couple of sites and say thank you. The guys deserve it!

My friend Kevin over at blogadelphia was a combat medic and continues in that field assisting those near the end of life. He is a good man. A single father who cares and provides a warm home for his children. A everyday hero, still.

A man that I am proud to call friend also is the guy behind the Blue Pit Bull. This guy served our country proudly and is still doing so, continuing his education and providing political thought and reason.

The next man is Billy Ray in Cowtown. This proud vet, served USMC 1967-71 Viet Nam 1968-69 . What else is there to say other than if you ck him out, you'll find a kind and gentle soul that loves life and his family. Something we all can strive for. He is the very definition of the American Hero.

El Gabacho is the man behind The Jarhead Manifesto. Simply call him Jar, yep you can tell buy that, he is an asset to us still. He can spin the daily grind into a smile. Another Ft. Worth boy that still call it home, he continues to root for the Frogs and doesn't pull punches with libs. He makes me laugh, he is Jar.

The next veteran, I have to say gives us an eye into the battle field that can only be known by those men and women who have donned the uniform. The words paint a canvas that compares to the many brush strokes of Van Gogh. The small details that combine to form a picture that draws emotional thought. This veteran is the Army of Dude.

To the countless of others whom I've missed and to my father, Thank You. You are our heroes, you are the best of us.


bluepitbull said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

LandShark 5150 said...

You owe me nadda brother.

Stephen Dave said...

Thank you for the kind words. Serving in the Air Force is one of the most proudest moments of my life.

Jarhead said...

Thanks, Man. Appreciate the kind words.

Keep the shiny side up.