The so called "conservatives" old guard need to take a lesson from Jim Demint, Rand Paul and John Taylor of Caroline

What Todays DeceptiCONS Can learn From 1798

OK, so we keep hearing all these hacks working in the punditocracy decrying Senator DeMint and Rand Paul for daring to talk about "principles" and then having the audacity to talk about RELYING ON THEM to make decisions.

Well, the DeceptiCONS and citizens of Libtardia have a lot to learn about history. Let me take you back to 1798, the year that Thomas Jefferson and James Madison teamed up to author the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions.
These documents were a response to the overreach by the Adams Administration and Congress on the "Alien & Sedition Acts". A leader was needed to shepherd Jefferson's resolution through the Virginia Assembly and Jefferson chose John Taylor of Caroline for the task.

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During the heat of debate and with 1798's version of DeceptiCONS arguing that with implied powers Congress could pretty much do whatever it wanted, Taylor stuck to the principle that the Constitution must be enforced against Congress BY the States. The reward for this action Taylor said, was written in a local newspaper:

"As to the clause giving Congress power to pass necessary laws for carrying delegated powers into effect, it created no new powers, but had reference to the powers already granted. The acceptance of the doctrine of implication would mean that "those great and inestimable rights which flow from Nature, and are the gift of Nature's God, will be assassinated by the rude and unfeeliing hand of ferocious despotism". Answering G. Taylor's argument that the power to pass laws relative to alien enemies was implied, he said that Congress had the express power to declare war, that as soon as war was declared, by the Law of nations, alien enemies became prisoners of war, and Congress could say what was to be done with them. And then, after a gloomy picture of all the departments of the government swallowed up in one, he exclaimed: "What, then, are the people to wait till the pressure of the evil principle is felt? No. As an elegant author expresses it, they augur misgovernment at a distance, and snuff the approach of tyranny in every tainted breeze... By the adoption of the Resolutions you raise a rampart against the inroads of the usurpation, and your names will be wafted down on the stream of time, crowned with laurels, and as they pass, will be hailed by a grateful posterity with plausive acclamations." - Excerpted from "The Virginia Report of 1799-1800,Touching the Alien and Sedition Laws; Together With the Virginia Resolutions of December 21, 1798. Available Here.

I have said and have quoted others, like Dr. Kevin Gutzman as saying that if Republicans do what we believe they were sent to do and that they MUST do.
Gutzman wrote recently          "Lining out programs is both fiscally essential and, in light of the Tea Party phenomenon, politically necessary to Republicans. Constitutionally, Republicans are in the best position they can be in: they have control only of the chamber of Congress in which all spending bills must originate. So, Republicans, line out programs. Kill them. Tell the people why you’re doing it. Do it now. You will be rewarded. If the program doesn’t go through, blame Obama. It will be his fault. Your constituents will understand. You have power without responsibility, so take advantage of it."

(Excerpted from Sirius-XM's Mike Church Show)

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