Can you splain why?

Why do we spend this amount to be Team America? We can NOT keep this level of incompetence up. Why spend this amount to kill a 1000 rag head warriors when a million $ bounty will do the trick.


bluepitbull said...

I can tell you two major problems: Contractors and systems.

The systems that we use for collection, analysis, and targeting have become far too complex and the people from the major defense contracts (L3, Raytheon, Gen. dyn., etc) have sold incomplete products to the military so that they will have an open contract and it provides for software maintenance crews that make the big bucks to go overseas and support the systems so that the alleged dumb dumb Soldiers don't break them.

Get solid technology that's idiot proof and we will save alot in the longrun. Couple all of that will moving troops in and out of countries on the other side of the globe and keeping them combat ready and trained constantly costs a shitload, too.

LandShark 5150 said...

That's a good copy there blue!