When the Fed was given power that is not constitutionally granted, and when Congress abdicated its power and abdicated its responsibility to coin the money and to regulate the value thereof, and allows instead a board of central bankers in cahoots with central bankers across the world to do so, that was what precipitated all of this. You can’t go off and fund and fight a war with no end if you don’t have a printing press to print the money, inflate the currency, and destroy the wealth of the people to do it. Do you think, if George W. Bush had gone to Congress and gotten a declaration of war against Iraqin 2002 and had said, look, this is going to cost — what’s the figure today?  What is it, $789 billion is the price tag for the Iraq war? Do I have that right?

 It’s less than the porkulus succubus stimulus. But do you think that if Bush had gone and said we’re going to have this declaration of war, and we’re going to have to have an income surtax that every American is going to have to pay, and it’s going to be, oh, I don’t know, $200 a month or whatever the figure would be, that today in 2010 there wouldn’t be a revolt to not pay it anymore? The only reason that they can do it the way they do it now is because they have the Federal Reserve to print the money — fake, phony, fiat currency that’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. Oh, it’s backed up by securities that are borrowed from the Chinese and whoever. But they can only run — “they” being the federal government — can only run deficits because they have their own printing press.

If you eliminate the printing press, well, then you eliminate their access to all this fake, phony money. That’s why Ron Paul’s book, “End the Fed,” is so powerful, why it’s so feared. And this is why the DeceptiCon Republican establishment doesn’t — they can’t accept him. You people have got to understand this. He must be a pariah. He has to be. You cannot accept the Jeffersonian, Ron Paul vision inside today’s Republican Party because it means your party is over, too.

Now, let me demonstrate DeceptiCons to you. What’s a DeceptiCon? A DeceptiCon is a fake, phony, fraud of a conservative.

Now, you’re going to read — oh, you’re all about electing Republicans because you want to repeal ObamaCare. Have you made it loud and clear to guys like Rubio, DeceptiCons like Rubio and the rest of them, that you don’t want the central planning statist control that’s going to be replacing it from Republicans, too? Or am I reading the Tea Party tea leaves wrongly? Is it that the Tea Party just doesn’t want Obama and Pelosi to wield the power to control your healthcare, how it’s paid for, how it’s delivered; but you’re perfectly comfortable with Boehner & Co., and Scott Brown. Well, Marco Rubio is going to be their little understudy. So here’s Rubio telling you exactly what your precious GOP majority is going to do, which is going to be centrally plan the economy with capital R’s instead of capital D’s.

 Marco Rubio: "And, finally, we must repeal ObamaCare and replace it with a plan that will lower health insurance costs for Americans without bankrupting the nation, replace it with a system that promotes competition, allows people to keep the coverage they already have, and gives individuals the same tax breaks that businesses get when they buy healthcare insurance for their employees."

Now, if you’re saying — “He’s trying to win a seat in Congress” That was the weekly GOP response to the Democrat radio address. That was the voice of the Republican Party there. That was not Rubio. That was Rubio taking his marching orders from Olympia Snowejob and Susan Collins. Now, look. And I hate to throw names out there and demonize, or I don’t want to vilify people that are not here to defend themselves. So let me just make it a blanket accusation. They’re all saying the same thing.

When I say “they,” well, if you work for Fox News, if you work for the Clinton News Network, if you work for Freedom Works, if you work for any of these television shows or these Tea Party groups and what have you, they’re all saying, “Well, we can’t — we just can’t cut the spigot off. It’s not humane to cut people off of federal assistance.” Oh, but it’s humane to let them stay on it and compel the rest of us to pay for it. That’s humane. So I’ve got to be robbed at gunpoint from the IRS tax collector so that the humane thing, which is taking money that I have earned through my own damn hard work, can be given to someone that hasn’t earned it. Oh, that’s humane? I’m sorry, my friend, but my definition and your definition of humane are two different things, existing on two totally separate universes, for crying out loud. What’s humane about that?

The humane thing is to give a man a fish, and then you’ll teach him how to eat. But teach a man how to fish, and he’ll feed himself for the rest of his life. I think some wiseguy named Jesus Christ said that. I mean, this is just so — we can’t cut people off. Like hell we can’t cut them off. Are we serving the cause of humanity by continuing to subsidize the sloth and the laziness and the teaching of dishonor? That’s the humane thing to do, to teach people that their lot in life is contingent upon someone else going out and earning for them? Are you freaking kidding me? We used to have a word for that, Will. You know what the word was? It’s called “slavery.” Well, I ain’t your slave, Daddy.

Fred Barnes on Fox News' Special Report --
 His closing monologue, his little commentary, basically said yesterday that why aren’t we more like Germany? What has Germany done? Germany decided that they were not going to participate in the bailout. They did not stimulate their economy by borrowing money. Instead, they cut back on the amount of unemployment their unemployed could get. They cut some taxes. They cut actual German government spending. And here they are with their unemployment rate sinking, and that’s a good thing, like a rock to the bottom of the employment pool. This is a good thing. Germany is on the ascendancy. Their GDP grew some monstrous amount in the last quarter, something like 9.7 percent, after they pursued their austerity measures. But what are we doing? Oh, no, we’ve got to be Greece. Yes, we must be Greece and Spain and all the other bailout countries there; right? They’re going to have to bail them out; aren’t they? Well, who in the hell’s going to bail us out? Mexico?

Mike Church

 I would advise the faint of heart to NOT read Mish's report on the state of the fiat currency/fractional reserve banking industry-that is un less you live near a tall bridge or skyscraper with windows that open


Anonymous said...

The Fed and paper money is going to be the legacy of the Progressive movement.


You guys loved Alan Greenspan so save me the hate the Fed jive.

There's too much money to be made off money printing Sharkey. No way the corporate whores of either side are letting that happen.

Face it man. Your problem is the same as mine. The guy that makes the most sense on your side is Ron Paul. On mine it's Dennis Kucinich. Both of them have been labled as kooks by the party mainstream. We end up with either a republican that claims to be pro life and fiscally responsible then is neither. Or a Dem who claims to be pro worker and protect us from evil corporate behavior. We end up with a corporate whore.

But look at how much fun we have blogging about this stuff. Until this is taken away anyway.