The American taxpayers, we’re a bunch of roll-over-and-take-it-in-the-rear-end wimps!

If You Deal With The Other Side You Have Already Lost - Fight at all levels

I just grow so weary of this [sighing]. Are we stupid? Seriously, folks. How stupid are we? The 10 billion has to be borrowed. They don’t have the damn money. They don’t have it, “they” being the federal government. Nazi Pelosi, Obama signed the bill, they all violated their oath. There’s nothing in the Constitution. This must stop. But the Constitution be damned; hell, good, common, economic sense be damned. That $10 billion has to be borrowed, meaning it has to be paid back. Who’s going to pay it back? The same taxpayers who were saying no more taxes for bribes for teachers and their unions.

Well, you just got bribed. Hey, to use the words of the MTV generation, you just got served. You got served, and I got served a bill for 10 billion smackeroos, bones or clams or whatever it is you call them. It’s not saving any job. It’s costing a job because the money must be expropriated, taken at the point of the IRS’s bayonet from the taxpayers. Whether that is today, ladies and gentlemen, or whether it is next year, or in five years, or in 10 years. The year that that money is taken back to pay that debt back, that means that’s $10 billion that is not available in the private sector, that is not available for job creation and will not circulate amongst the free enterprise system, or the free enterprise free markets. Not that we have any anymore.

This is reprehensible. And this is something that I don’t hear enough people talking about. Why aren’t people – why isn’t there a revolt in Milwaukee? Why aren’t you people in Milwaukee revolting over this? Why is the Wisconsin legislature going to accept this money? Why isn’t the city of Milwaukee kicking its teachers union out, locking them out, locking the damn doors, and letting the scabs in? Huh? Good grief. Let’s see here. Calm down. “Mike, Mike, calm down.”

“The average Milwaukee schoolteacher receives only $56,000 per year in salary” – only $56,000 a year in salary, cry me a river – “but also gets a generous $40,000 in benefits, including a healthcare plan that costs $26,000 per family, compared to $14,500 for private employees. The school board sought to cut costs and to keep the teachers by implementing cuts in benefits. A proposed healthcare plan would have instituted co-pays expected to yield $47.2 million per year in savings, more than enough to save every teacher’s job. The union refused to bargain, instead opting for layoffs.”

So it’s not the taxpayers in Milwaukee’s fault. It’s not the school board’s fault. It’s the union’s fault. And of course the union will take some of the money that it will not allow to be cut from its budget, and it will spend it on advertising campaigns in Milwaukee to make sure that the same union’s teachers stay in their jobs and that union stays in power. “Milwaukee school system superintendent, William Andrekopoulos, said he was ‘surprised’ at the union’s reluctance to negotiate to prevent the layoffs.” Don’t be surprised, sir. These people are out for blood. These people play to keeps. The American taxpayers, we’re a bunch of roll-over-and-take-it-in-the-rear-end wimps.

“The Milwaukee Teachers Education Association may have been gambling on the prospect that congressional Democrats would bail them out.” Of course they would. They bought their votes in 2008 in November. They just purchased their votes again for the upcoming election in 2010. “And what kind of benefits is the union seeking to protect?” writes Vincent Vernuccio at Spectator.org. “Coverage for Viagra,” as you just heard Stuart Varney cover.

“Combined, the NEA and AFT has spent over $58 million on politics since 1989, with over 90 percent of that money going to Democrats. No wonder an August 6 Washington Post editorial stated flatly, ‘The crusade for an education jobs bill, led by the Obama administration and Democrat leaders in Congress, has always struck us as more of an election-year favor for teachers unions than an optimal use of public resources.’”

Let me tell you teachers out there, you can stop calling me and telling me to stop bashing you. Why don’t you start dropping out of your union? Why don’t you start crossing picket lines? Why don’t you start campaigns and demand that your money not be expropriated and taken from you at the point of the union’s gun and then used in advertising campaigns? How about that? Instead of droning on and screaming at me, “Mike, why are you bashing us, we’re just teachers.” Why don’t the taxpayers demand to their school board, kick them out? “We can’t, we have a contract.” So? Claim bankruptcy. Go bankrupt. I want the school district bankrupted. I want it in district court. I want it to declare that it is insolvent, insoluble, and cannot continue operations because it does not have the money. The taxpayers cannot be forced to fork over any more. And therefore that union has to be kicked out.

We have a choice to make. Daniel Henninger wrote about this three weeks ago in the pages of The Wall Street Journal. I covered the story here. Here’s the choice. The choice is between whether or not we’re going to keep our money, run our lives, pick our teachers and our schools, and pick how our roads and bridges are built and maintained, or whether or not the public service employee unions and the teachers unions are going to do it and are going to hold the roads and bridges and are going to hold the teachers as ransom and demand that we pony up ever-increasing amounts of our own money. 1-866-95-PATRIOT. That’s the end of the discussion there. There is nothing left to discuss.

Mr. Vernuccio writes, “Worse, the bill is more than just blatant payback; it is ... punishment. Every state will be eligible for a bailout except one, Texas, the only state deemed ineligible to receive funds....” Doesn’t this violate the Constitution and the direct taxation clause? Or even, I can’t remember how it’s worded, all taxes must be appropriated evenly? “The carve-out, which could cost Texas $800 million, is part of a spending tug of war between Washington and Austin."
Again, why isn’t there gubernatorial candidates talking about Texas going its own way? You don’t need Washington. Washington’s a drain on you. Alaska needs Washington, apparently. But Texas doesn’t.

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Mike nails it here.
 WHY,  Slick Rick Perry allowing your fellow Texans to be bitch slapped like a Federal whore, who hasn't given the pimp his money? Why don't you use the tools available, NULLIFICATION and SECESSION, to bitch slap the Federal  pimp back? Hell, me bets Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi would pick up the load also. The only answer I can come up with is, you're acting like the on your knees DC ass kissing bitch that you is. You let Obama publicly twist the wig off your head with his back hand and let his #1, Jarrett, take your plea (NOT YOUR DEMAND) letter. Hugo got a warmer reception! You put it in his hand like a man. Really Rick, where is your spine? Did you leave it with your pro-amnesty speech with La-Razza or did you drop it at the Tea Party podium steps at the Alamo. Where you talked FREEDOM, but you sure don't like the FREEDOM walk, DO YOU?  Beck was to busy eating M&M's.   Ted should have bitch slapped you!  You have dreams of the big seat. Well, do what the people want - not the evil 10 sq. mile Red Square in DC.

YOU CAN HAVE THE BIG SEAT HERE! Leading our REPUBLIC to being the envy of the world.

Rick -- the country is waiting for that leader, Texas is growing tired of waiting for that leader.

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