And for something completely different

The old pirate Bill at the Falling Coconut has his usual charm and wit in high gear to make an extra fast buck on display.
The Blue Pitbull has sunk his teeth into the taco bender border war here in Texas.

The Conservative Scallawag weighs in on this also.

The rajun cagun Red has her spicy cornydog to ask Slick Rick Texas Gubner - "whatcha going to do?"


bluepitbull said...

Thanks for the link.

Red said...

What's hhe gonna do is right 'cause dey's a comin' alright beit fast and furious like roaches when the lights flick on or slow and shuffling like a possum who could give a damn.

LandShark 5150 said...

Youz guys are the shitz. Ya do me more better then I repay.
THANKS for all ya do! Your north Texican sharky

Anonymous said...

Landshark, thanks for the link.