There are still a bunch of morons out there who base their beliefs, actions and yes , even hatred on skin color. We have to come up with a new word for these sick people because "racist" no longer has the meaning it once did.

Racism now means disagreeing with a President or any politician who happens to be black. Racism is now defined as saying, "You lie!" to a black person when he is not telling the truth. Racism is getting together to protest government policies that we disagree with, as we have a right to under the Constitution. Racism also encompasses not wanting your taxes raised. Racism is wanting our government to actually follow the Constitution. Racism is pointing out that the people surrounding our President are radicals. Racism is not wanting to fund corrupt organizations such as ACORN with taxpayer money. A racist is anyone who is not a liberal. These days, a racist is anyone who believes in conservative ideals. No, not because conservative ideals are based on skin color, because clearly they are not. A conservative is a racist because the liberals say so. A conservative is a racist because anchors on MSNBC say so. A conservative is a racist because they don't bow to the alter of liberalism.



Bungalow Bill said...

Yeah, Obama's racist remarks about his grandma were nearly shoved under the bus during this debate. Obama isn't innocent either when it comes to making racist remarks. Let's not forget the beer summit, which was to soften Obama's racial comments towards a white police officer either.

You are right. Libs are getting a pass on racism again. They forget the days of Democrats spraying blacks with fire hoses for trying to get into the Univeristy of Alabama.

LandShark 5150 said...

BBill -- what a crazy world which we live in. Black is white, up is down, right or wrong -- we're screwed!

The Griper said...

they can get away with it because the liberal cause is a cause of emotion not a cause of reasoning.

socialism does not stand a chance unless they use emotional appeal to promote their cause.

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper -- I just wonder what, with Harry's latest questionable remarks of note, what the dark skinned more "hood" speaking black American thinks of his remarks. I know Dear Leader has forgiven him, but can the black community? After all isn't them he was insulting? I'm sure Chrissy-hissy Mathews will get right on it.
Thanks for the read and comment. You are always welcome here. Great job on your Six part health care series.

The Griper said...

remember emotions, sharky.
by the use of reason you'd be correct but from an emotional view all Harry did is confess to them that we are still a nation that judges a man by the color of his skin.

this be especially true of those who do not see those blacks who politically are on the right as one of their own. they'd be one of those considered as victicrats in my blog theme video.

The Griper said...

btw sharky, you are the inspiration for my last post too. i espied the video here when i visited you the first time. ty.

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper -- anytime!