Texas says 'no thanks' to federal education standards and the money it rode in on
Gov. Rick Perry drew a line in the sand this week announcing he would not apply for specific education stimulus dollars which could require Texas adopt national curriculum standards and tests, and spend as much as $3 billion. It's no deal. Read more by Clicking Here.

America IS exceptional, no matter what Obama says

The State Board of Education heard public testimony today over the proposed changes for the Social Studies Standards and YOU made your voice heard! At a press event within earshot of the SBOE hearings taking place, citizens just like you made it clear - "America IS Exceptional" and Texas students should be learning that in school.

2 AFP-Texas director Peggy Venable spoke at the rally along with Captain Watchdog Jason Moore from Odessa and number of our members and coalition partners. Read more about the AFP position by Clicking Here.

To learn more about what's at stake in these hearings, Click Here.

U.S. Constitutional Expert Jon Roland gave the following testimony at the SBOE hearing, and it's a must-read: "Testimony on Social Studies TEKS by Jon Roland"

AFP Watchdog Heather Liggett also wrote an excellent personal testimony on why America is such an exceptional country and why this should be taught in schools: "Regardless of Left’s View of History, United States is an Exceptional Nation"

Also, please join us in Austin this Thursday for a screening of "The Cartel," a film that shows our educational system like we've never seen it before.


From the movie's Web site: "Behind every dropout factory, we discover, lurks a powerful, entrenched, and self-serving cartel. But The Cartel doesn't just describe the problem. Balancing local storylines against interviews with education experts such as Clint Bolick (former president of Alliance for School Choice), Gerard Robinson (president of Black Alliance for Educational Options), and Chester Finn (president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute), The Cartel explores what dedicated parents, committed teachers, clear-eyed officials, and tireless reformers are doing to make our schools better for our kids."
Screening Time: 6:15 p.m. Thursday, January 14 Place: AT&T Conference Center, 1900 University Avenue, Austin, TX 78705Free to the public, hosted by: The Austin CEO Foundation (http://www.ceoaustin.org/).

Corrupt Health Care Bill 'Hangs by a Thread'

Senator Chris Dodd admitted in Politico this week that passage of the health care bill "hangs by a thread."4
There's a good chance that the House and Senate will not be able to come to an agreement on what to include in the final version of this corrupt bill. Things are so bad for Obamacare, even those in the far-left wing want to see the bill die (Even the Far Left doesn't support Obamacare: KILL THE BILL).

There's no doubt that more shameful wheeling and dealing is happening as a compromise bill takes shape behind closed doors between the House and Senate.

So, AFP is asking you to help us hold the president accountable to his 2008 campaign promise to make this process as transparent as possible, so we know exactly what kind of under-handed deals are being made to buy votes for this bill.

The petition reads as follows:

President Obama and Congressional Leaders,The health care legislation that is being debated now is of the utmost importance to the American people given the wide ranging effects that it will have. You must let C-SPAN broadcast the negotiation process: Americans have a fundamental right to know the direction the legislation is heading and their representatives' roles in the debate. We deserve better than backroom deals, political payoffs, and special interests dictating the terms of our health care.
Sign the petition today! Click Here.

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bluepitbull said...

I hope and pray that Hutchison doesn't make it. Good that she's behind in the polls and her personal attacks on our governor aren't helping.

LandShark 5150 said...

BPB -- you are correct Sir. I dislike that Decepticon. Don't care for Perry much, but he is stepping up to the plate. For the record, I will vote for Debra Medina. She is the truest conservative on the ticket. Now if the race grows tight between Perry and Hutch, I will be forced to go with Perry. I know Medina doesn't stand a snowballs chance in the Larado summer, but I really like her.
BPB -- thank you, my fellow Tex-I-Can for the read and comments. I will continue to follow along with you in the future. I will be around, but will end this blog down very soon. It has been an HONOR to have you visit here. Your fellow Tex-I-Can, sharky.