So close yet the farther away I get

Ater a week in Key West, soaking me head in Pirate Punchs at Capt Tonys and getting sloppy at Sloppy Joe's. Having fun at the drag bar. Yes-the drag bar. Best entertainment on the Duvall krawl for the buck. Getting asked rudely to leave the boobie bar, the Teasers they are. Ol' Sharky cleared his head of politics and the bustel of the daily grind.
The midnight shark fishing was sumpin I had to stay away from. But the Terra Mako and meself tried to recreate the opening scene from Jaws. Thanks goes out to my ocean cousins for the professional courtesy ya showed!
My friends, I'm ready to make the move! Looked at some property. May be needing a chef!

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Kathleen... said...

Is that a real photo of Obama or artful photoshop??