The Griper said...

very good, sharky. tis the best post i've seen on the issue. shows pride in the nation as well as a fitting tribute to the guys who pulled the trigger on him.

LandShark 5150 said...

Griper - I was torn on this one and still am.
The greatest military the world has ever seen being led by the dullest minds. A man with stone age capabilities hiding behind a 17' wall with razor wire atop it in a mud-hut village. Ten yrs, thousands of US brave lives, trillions of dollars, freedoms striped away, the greatest expansion of government ever.
Was one life worth it?
Do we leave Afghanistan today? Will we continue to be groped at the airports? Is the war on terror just beginning?
I'll toast the seal team and all the armed forces! And give slick willie the finger for the last 15 yrs of Usama.

The Griper said...

you're asking questions that are on the minds of many people this day. they are the same questions that people ask after any event just as this one. history is filled with people like you and me.

the main question that needs to be answered here is this one;

"was one life worth it?"

another way to ask that same question would be,

"was the vengence of over 3,000 lives lost at his command worth it?"

another way to ask it might be,

"were all of the lives saved as a result of Bush's reaction to that fateful day worth it?"

its not a question in terms of just one man. its a question in terms of many people, some known and others that only God knows.

in other words, my good friend, you are asking questions that only God can give a definitive answer to. i can't.

you might ask that young man who looked osama in the eye before he pulled that trigger if he thought it was all worthwhile. he might be the only man on earth that can answer your questions.

the best answer i can give is that it was a job that was taken on over ten years ago and it was a job fulfilled at a great cost. whether or not justice was served is another matter and another question that only God can answer truthfully.

LandShark 5150 said...

Agree and with that ckmate!