how does it feel to be a hypocrite? how does your love of a blood-thristy, war-mongering, constitution-hating obama taste this week? the president ordered troops to go into a sovereign country, capture or kill usama bin laden and then refuse to release the photos of it all. funny how the pictures of abu ghrab, daneil pearls beheading or husseins hanging wasnt offensive to musilims. let me remind you of many of your own's words, "we(america) are a nation of laws and a constitution, where everyone is has the right to a trial and is considered innocent until proven guilty." yet you cheer in the streets of the death of a man that resulted from enhanced interrogation methods. i have one more question for you. have you put your "terrorist hunting license" sticker and your gun rack on and in your rear window like all us conservatives?
Edit: h/t griper. Sorry can't do this link stuff from me crackberry, but ck out his comment - Bad ass president


The Griper said...

he just grins as he says, "boy, you really are a meanie, aren't you?
you did forget to remind them about how much of a bad-ass he is per this blog
bad ass president

LandShark 5150 said...

Good one! The worlds gone topsy-tirvy

BB-Idaho said...

Well, L-shark- as you know, the military does not use torture, the FBI does not use torture and the experts tell us it won't work...you know the
'tell them anything effect'
that saw thousands of medieval women confess to being witches. Yeah, right. Donald Rumsfeld, who encouraged 'enhanced
interrogation' noted yesterday that it DID NOT
help in the recent tracking of Bin Ladin.
In respect for your policy
'don't go overboard' I shall leave it at that.
..your progressive friend,
ex US Army officer and military explosives scientist (just in case you dislike 'progressive')
..but I'm a friendly guy,
even in disagreement. :)

LandShark 5150 said...

BB - you're always welcome here and I thank you for your service. This post is no more than a sarcastic jab. The Rummy statement is what, the admission that the old info that was retrieved is what led to UBL or the black bases in n. Africa wasn't working? Is he still in the current admins loop to know this and if he is, then that's not believable change is it?
As far as the overboard in the comment area, that is a suggestion of courtesy from sailor's mouth. One is always open to express one's thoughts respectively as you tend to (what I've witnessed) do!

BB-Idaho said...

Thanks. Y'all must be a Texan! I served with guys and worked with guys from
A&M..great bunch. Then, when they went their different ways it turned out I had to spend 25 years dealing with an exec secretary from Brownsville.
She typed excellent English, but spoke Texan...

Bungalow Bill said...

Powerful my friend.

LandShark 5150 said...

BB from Idaho - what are talking bout? The rest of the country talks funny. Anyway I'm fix'n to get me a coke. Grape is the bestest!

How funny is this, two BBs in one post!

BB in Missouri - thanks my friend. Wilkow heavily inspired it!