Hello friends. I have been very busy with a house remodel. Started with a antique piece for the bathroom my wife wanted and expanded to redo of bathroom. Other bathroom had to be done first to have a place to go, well you know (still isn't finished). So after floor joist replacing due to water rot over a hundred years, floor leveling and re-plumbing of entire house, I'm just getting started. Yes all done by meself. Work, well that is still a four letter word. My garden is in. Thirty two yards of moo poo (manure, compost and loam) hauled in. Thank God above I have a skid loader!

Now on to the news with Dan and Dick!
As the title of this post states history repeating itself, well it does. The left, tweekers that they are, never sleeps. The right never wakes. One side delivers higher taxes and war, the other higher taxes and war. After tuesday's senate vote on the proposal by Rand that passed 90 - 10 on a general constitutional question, I realized the Constitution is dead. No burial services were needed, it has been cremated.
I say this with a heavy heart because I now understand our system of gubbermint. A Monarchy with a house of Lords. We are just serfs, you know the proverbial "little people". Nothing will change unless we are violent. Please understand and know that isn't what I want. But the ten red sq. mile in DC isn't about to change, it is what it is. And we are who we are, a people who have been conquered by it. Like a junkie to a dealer, we are enslaved to our addiction of entitlements. Parasites!
I have read a lot of books this year alone, most are re-reads. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand I found a little comfort in. The courtroom great speech given by Howard Roark still holds true today, I think more than ever now is it's time to be reborn.

Please - if I have ever made you smile, laugh, think or just piss you off, give me another shot at doing the same. Watch and tell me -- is history repeating itself?

Thank all of you for visiting! Till next time my friends


Red said...

It's like deja poo! Good luck with the house renovating and garden this year Sharky! ;-)

Red said...

Deja Poo: When you've heard this shit before.

LandShark 5150 said...

I luv it cuz!!! That's a keeper!