Matt Lauer and the "Useful Idiots" at the Today Show's brilliance, sound like Charlie Sheen

I was watching the the train wreck that calls itself news this morning. Meridath Vieira  was explaining that one of the reasons of the soaring gas prices was because of the economy improving. Really --- I mean REALLY!  Do you think this is correct? Is the price of  food and clothing going down, leaving you with the extra money in your pocket to spend it on gas? Did you get more money back from the IRS? Did your interest rate on your credit cards go down? Did the parasitic class stop taken welfare? Did the Gubbermint stop consuming your wage? Did Obama care fund itself (thru taxes) and the act of repeal and defunding it is pure follie? Well the last one did happen....
Then Matt Liar Lauer asked a "true"(HA) conservative, Rick Santorum if a Presidential run was in the wings. Lauer claimed the 'polled' country doesn't care about "social" issues, that the economy is item one. Santorim gave the standard response but defended his values of social issues, to his credit. But Conservative --NO.
Look we are screwed but the true conservative thing to do is stop meddling in foreign affairs, securing our borders with something more than bean bags. Full automatic weapons, air support and our National Guard comes to mind. And ending the only foreign import we actually need. Extracting LP and oil from within our shores and borders, building refineries that in turn renews the "steel mill" cities of the northeast. Research and development of new methods of energy. Expanding that European model - of Nukes. All of which creating jobs by the private sector. NOT THE GUBBERMINT. And tell the world --- NO MORE AID! None zilch, el zippo!,
I honestly believe the Union called the United States of America is over and a Confederation of States will prevail. Meaning a secession of states will create their own smaller countries and adopting new Constitutions. They will unite only in military issues that concern the Confederation's defence from foreign invasion or true threat and trade agreements. Think that I have read this somewhere. I know where!
 But the notion that we live in free states is a illusion destroyed by Republicans and Democrats and most importantly - us the people. We allowed it to happen. We did not even attempt to defend our country as our founders did. We gave it away without a shot being fired. We let the "Useful Idiots" lull us into lies.
 Garbage in - garbage out!


Morally Depraved Liberal said...

Jesus Sharky. You make more sense every time I visit.

Now if the rest of the so called "conservatives" actually acted like conservatives according to your post, my side would have nothing left but pro marajuana zealots and nudists.

The Griper said...

"Meridath Vieira was explaining that one of the reasons of the soaring gas prices was because of the economy improving. Really --- I mean REALLY!"

seems as if i've heard similar excuses for other things too. oh yes, global warmimg is the reason for the cold weather.