A little cold outside in N. Texas and warm whiskey don't mix

As some of you know, we're in the middle of a global warming heat wave her in Texas. It is so severe that I think it has gone all the way around the thermometer and starting over at the bottom end of the scale.  So I braved the heat and tropic moisture and headed to town to get supplies. As this picture illustrates the roads were treacherous due to all the run off of dry white sand that would melt tongues to metal poles!

Upon getting to the Wally World I soon discovered Egg laying must cease during these hot spells. The liqueur store had the same problem but I managed to salvage the trip by finding the only two bottles of Crown Reserve they had!


Note to self :
 Remember to close door and roll up window to keep falling White sand out of wife's Suburban! Maybe it will thaw, Blow out by next Tuesday, MAYBE.


Red said...

BRRR! Shark you gonna freeze now! BUndle up with wife and summa dat Crown Reserve fast!

Obi said...

Holy brrr! I know! And like you, I'm a little confused over the global warming and icicles?? My Little Boy announced yesterday, "You know, you said we moved to [our town,] but I think it's really Alaska." No kiddin'.

And the egg mystery?? We made a supply run last night too and I saw a two people with flats of eggs. Must be a global warming freeze that makes people want to have lots of eggs on hand?

bluepitbull said...

You're joking about the door thing, right? We aren't getting anything just shit cold down here, and it makes you wanna do nothing.

LandShark 5150 said...

Red - you know, hun!
Obi - yep its a mystery on the eggs! Don't get it either, milk, bread, lunch meat, mac/cheese and soups plenty of. Eggs el zippo!
Blue - just funning with the pic. Hell I wouldn't be writing this now if otherwise. Last night got to -2f and wind chill -f'n who knows. Thawed today 35. Had flip flops and sunscreen on!

Thanks guy and gals