Is this anymore radical then the direction we're heading? I have to think it is the most logical thing to do

Just 4 weeks after the “historic 2010 elections” this 111th Congress is poised to continue the tyranny they began in January of 2009. Let’s look at what’s on their short list:
•Raising the debt ceiling yet again

•Refusing to extend the Bush tax rates

•Refusing to repeal the new 1099 reporting rules for small business

•Extending unemployment benefits for yet another 2 years and borrowing the funds

•Passage of S 510 the Food Safety Modernization Act giving FDA police powers

This is on top of what these tyrants have already cast into stone - Nationalizing the Medical Industry with ObamaCare, the Car Industry by taking over Chrysler and GM, the banks with TARP, Financial Services with the Dodd/Frank Crime Family Bill and the list goes on and on. Folks, these madmen will never stop racking up legislative feathers for their Chairman Mao caps. They have to be stopped and in my estimation there remains only 2 ways to do it and before we get into them let me separate this discussion from yesterday’s post show. We restoring virtue in our private lives which will then carry over into our public lives, this may take a generation and though it must happen it won’t happen fast enough to save us from bankruptcy or outright despotism.

So the two choices are:
•Article V Amendment Convention

•Declarations of Independence
The first choice, an Article V Amendment Convention would work like this:

What an Art V could accomplish
Then we have choice number 2 which is more radical and that entails Declaring Independence as states again. First, we would have to convince enough fellow citizens that this would be the proper course and then we would have to elect, out of those same citizens, enough legislators to make this possible. Then there would need to be other states pursuing the same course so that a new union of states could be formed.

For arguments sake Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and both Dakotas could join with Nebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana and Oklahoma. These states could convene a new committee of correspondence, propose a convention and at that convention draft a Declaration of Independence borrowing heavily from Jefferson’s.

This new union can simply adopt the Original Constitution as its Supreme law and then as a condition of each state’s ratification, call for a new convention to propose amendments. It seems to me that this course may actually be preferable to a federal Article V convention because it allows culturally connected states to act immediately without permission or agreement by those whose culture runs counter. On the eve of the American Revolution, Charles Carroll of Carrollton wrote about continued usurpations of the English Constitution “[Because] unconstitutional powers [have been] exercised, the exercise doth not prove it right. Precedents drawn from the mere exercise of a disputed authority, so far from justifying the repeated exercise of that authority, suggest the strongest motive for resisting a similar attempt… since the acquiesence of the people under the exertion of a contested prerogative is now urged as proof of its legality.”
In other words, just because our Constitution has been killed by previous illegal acts, doesn’t make them right and doesn’t make them legitimate law.

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LORD TRUTH 101 said...

You had me until the vrap about nationalizing the car business Sharky. You wanted two of our greatest companies to die so Toyota or Kia could gain a bigger market share?

You're angry over the debt but you don't want to help pay it down?
The Bush tax cut and his spending caused it Bro.

I don't have much use for President Obama now myself but place the blame for our financial mess where it lies. At the feet of Bush and all those who sheepishly voted for everything he wanted. Repubs and Dems alike.

LandShark 5150 said...

T1 - I'm glad you've made the corner on Obama but I also am pretty sure he doesn't go progressive enough for you. And if that's the case I'm ok with it, at least you stand by your convictions and ideology. I can and do respect that. I also agree with you on Bush, except it started even before him. But yes, he did take it to a whole new level with Rep and Dem help.
Now to the issue at hand. I didn't nor did Mr. Church state that we believe the nationalizing of the auto industry was a positive. Quiet the contrary. Speaking for meself, I think we should have let them file bankrupt and restructure, like everyone else in bizness faces. And speaking auto and it's nationalizing of it, that was done in the 70's with the EPA regulations requiring it to re-tool/re-design every time it deemed fit. Do I believe in a clean environment? Yes, we all do. The point is gubbermint intrusion. Something we could do with a free-market. Our pocket book. What is Toyoter and Kia doing that gives them the upper hand? One is not paying pensions till the death of the retired union employee.
As far as not wanting to pay for this debt that has been racked up by gubbermint, you got that fucking - A right. I don't ! I am perfectly willing to pay for the operation of this country and this one only. I'm willing to work hard to pay for someone who may be less fortunate as long as they are willing to work hard themselves. I'm willing to allow "my" money, not what the gubbermint believes is theirs, allotted in taxes to go for social programs like drug awareness and prevention, as long as we end this toilet bowl flush of funds known as "the war on drugs". It has been high jacked into "legal/illegal" instead of what it really is. A health issue. People will do any and everything ( I for one ) to become intoxicated. Legal or not. It is a waste of monetary resources to throw it towards more bullshit bureaucracy and not the real problem. Look at prohibition and alcohol. The crime element was taken virtually out of the equation. I'm responsible for the smoking, drinking and past drug use, harm I've caused to meself. No one else. Me and me only. No one is responsible to pay for my health. I abused it.

LandShark 5150 said...

Gubbermint, and I use that term to show it's idiocracy, doesn't fix, end, cure, put to usefulness a damn thing. Never has, never will. It takes without asking or even explaining truthfully how it will use our funds. A government of, by and for the people that represents us, that respects us enough to take it's sworn oath to defend the rule of law "the Constitution" is what I'm willing to pay for. People seem to overlook, ignore or simply do not know, the gubbermint hasn't a dime that isn't taken from us. Is it un-reasonable to ask for accountability on their end, since we are held to such an account of provision of these funds? Would Jesus be for social projects, you bet your ass. But not at the tip of the Roman spear.
Now I've read all sorts of books from left/right ideologies of history to those of present time. The best understanding of our current mess and how we got here, is "Creature From Jekyll Island". It's about the development of the Federal Reserve. T1 if you haven't, give it a read. It shows how we're being snookered by all of them in power. All of them! We pay their losses, we put up the investment for their gains. The Fed controls intrest rates, monetary value and its supply for its well being not ours. How else could we sustain having troops in 130+ countries, a 9 yr war abroad, a 20 yr plus drug war at home, foreign aide to everyone asking. Killing an abundant energy system that can and should move us into financial freedom. Wouldn't it make sense to use the resources that are readily at hand without having to compromise ourselves to foreign countries who dislike/hate us? All this while bailing out, who got it first(?,) the banks, wall street, big business.
I could go on, and on, and on, and on, and on about gubbermint waste and it's fraud but we both are growing tired it. And we both want a future for us and most importantly, our children, that is free of today's problems. The question is, my friend, how do we agree on that future and achieve it? I think if we use our money to serve us and our country's best interest, here not abroad, starting with personal responsibility and ending with social responsibility, the better we position our future generations. But I am always willing to listen to other opinions.
Thanks T1 for your comment and your alwats welcome back!