I pray that "We the people" get out and vote tomorrow. I know you fellow bloggers will. Time is at a high price in the next 24 hrs and if you'll throw a few minutes here, I'd be much ablidged.

The repudiation of Big Gubbmint is just that, the repudiation of this big multi-headed Hydra we call Leviathan. This is people standing up and saying, "We've had it with the taxing and spending into the nether regions of doom." It's no coincidence that people turn to politicians, government or manifestations of the state when looking for a positive outcome, yet the State has yet to deliver on this promise of Utopia while there are still some out there who seem to think there's the probability of a paradise on Earth.

We have to come to the conclusion:
If you want to help yourself, go ahead!
Just don't compel me at the end of the IRS' gun to assist you.
This is what we're voting for tomorrow!

  • A great read - "Republicans ousting Democrats is like the Gambino’s replacing the Bonnano’s. "Whoever wins, the people lose."

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