There is NO Free Market under the FEDERAL RESERVE System

The mantra of "America is a capitalism with a free-market" is utterly false and has been so, since 1913 upon the creation of the private FEDERAL RESERVE system which turned the economy over lock, stock, and FIAT over to a private cadre of Central Bankers. Whether in the form of mandates to the auto manufacturers, health care providers, education loans, flood insurance, or passenger train service, the federal government through a system of corporatist-negotiated regulation has wholly removed both competition and choice from Americans.

  So when you hear that we need to get back to a free market economy – you must understand, there has been no free market economy.  It’s always been a managed and mangled economy, ever since the creation of that beast, the Federal Reserve; ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt set the ABC agency into motion, and we had to live our lives by the credo and by the orders, issues, and edicts of so-called experts.I would like to have the choice to buy a brand new vehicle that costs less than $10,000; wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I would like to be able to decide whether or not I want an airbag.  I would like to be able to decide whether or not I want the, oh, you’re an idiot, and you can’t drive this car, I’m going to lock the steering wheel until you put your foot on the brake features.  I would like to be able to purchase an automobile that just starts and gets me from point A to point B.  If I want to add features and luxuries, then I may do so, in a real free market.  This is a fantasy. I don’t want to buy a new car.Why do you want to pay for government-mandated crap?  Drive the car you have until the transmission falls out of it.

One final nail in your DeceptiCon, fake, phony, fantasy, free market economy world, doubting Thomases and Janes.  One final nail:  Name the last independent American auto maker that brought a vehicle to market.  And for extra credit, tell me what the federal government did to that man, and what happened to him.  Hmm?  Great story.  Somebody ought to make a movie about it.

Let me give you another example of how the government, of how the state has surreptitiously, and without you even noticing, taken over your – taken over popular culture and polluted your brain.  By show of hands, how many of you remember the great private eye TV series of the 1970s and early 1980s?

  Well, here’s taking my hat off to Tom Selleck in “Magnum P.I.”  Was he a G-Man?  No.  He worked for Higgins.  How about Jim Rockford, “Rockford Files”?  Remember that?  Greatest detective that ever lived, James Garner.  Please show for me, if you will, the private industry portion of law enforcement that is on network television today.  They’re all G-Men.  Whoa, we got “CSI: NY.”  We got “CSI: Miami.”  We got “Law & Order.”  We got every cop, every army, every fed, every agency.  Oh, they’re the greatest.  Jack Bauer.  We have no Jim Rockford.  What the hell happened to my “Rockford Files”? The state has taken over.  The state rules your mind.  You don’t even think about – what the hell’s a private detective?  Who’s that?  Well, we don’t need them anymore.  Just like the state took over the orphanages and all the charities and made them all nice and comfy little 501(c)3s.  Oh, that’s right, that’s right, we’ve nationalized charity while we nationalized everything else.  And you didn’t even notice it.  Where’s Jim Rockford?  Where’s “Magnum P.I.”?  Hmm?  Where’s “Simon & Simon”?  And the list could go on.  I could sit here from now until tomorrow morning and rip off the names of great private detectives, private. What’s that word ‘private’?  Yeah, what is that? 

It’s what critical thinking requires you to do.  This line that we’re being fed, and this culture and this reality that we’re being asked to accept, it’s like having that thing in the “Matrix” movies plugged into the back of your head.  It’s not reality.  It’s all manufactured.  Comfortably manufactured, I might add.
And Jim Garner, the guy that played Jim Rockford, is the biggest lib there is.  Doesn’t matter.  I never knew that when I was a little boy watching “The Rockford Files.”  Never missed an episode.
“Starsky & Hutch.”  Wait, Starsky and Hutch were cops, weren’t they?  They were undercover.
  They were infiltrators.

edited from the Mike Church Show


Conservative Scalawag said...

For the past 100 years, or since 1913, we've been using a fractal banking system. A system that stems from the Federal Reserve system of Woodrow Wilson.

Then it got worst with the 1933 removal of the Gold Standard under FDR,and finally removal of gold back contracts under Nixon.

Until we return to private banking,as well as Gold and Silver as money - with the removal of fiat paper money. This country is doomed to a Keysian death.

We must have a free market, such as perposed by Ludwig Von Mises and FA Hayek.

LandShark 5150 said...

Amen brother!