Beck to Tea-Party: Stop Displays of Individual Expression, You Must Conform so GOP may Assimilate Movement
by: Miss Allison
Published: September 17th, 2010

CEDAR LAKE, INDIANA - Despite an ever-growing list of establishment Republicans defeated by grassroots tea-party candidates tired of government as usual from either party, Glenn Beck issued an edict on high Tuesday evening that the individual expression seen at most tea party protests must cease.

He specifically targeted a Chairman MAObama t-shirt designed by Mike Church as an example of individuals refusing to conform to "proper" decorum, as well as those who dress as the Statue of Liberty, or scribble kitsch signs with a sharpie, postulating such spontaneous displays must halt if the Tea Party is to be taken seriously.

Instead, the man who supported the Imperial Invasion of Iraq, the PATRIOT Act, referred to the then fledgling movement as a “Domestic Threat” in 2007, supports a European-style VAT tax, and supported the first Stimulus bill calling it “necessary” envisions a mass of sheep marching in unified suit, tie, and ballroom gown conformity, forwarding his brand of statism.

Further, this from the man who  admits he does not check facts, has been caught lying repeatedly, and held an “Honor” rally on the steps of the biggest advocate for total intervention by the federal government in U.S. History, i.e. Abraham Lincoln. My how convenient that a philosophy catalyzed in 2007 and forwarded by Dr. Ron Paul for over 30 years, who of course Mr. Beck still derides as a "kook" in matters of foreign policy, now seeks to self-anoint himself Czar of the movement he once reviled when it was the talking-point philosophy of the moment.

Therefore, we might do well to pay close attention to those who pretend to support liberty solely as a scheme to buttress their ratings such as Glenn Beck; as opposed to true patriots like Mike Church who advocated liberty, Austrian economies, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, at times when doing such was still unpopular and not beneficial to ratings whatsoever.

My preference shall forever remain loyal to principled individuals like Dr. Ron Paul, Mr. Rockwell, and Mr. Church as opposed to a vain & aspiring man who designs to elevate himself to the highest seat in the freedom movement.
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