Attention 2nd amendment "law of the land" Incorporationistas: prediction -- the Feds will use the "McDonald" ruling as the basis to start regulating ammo and arms sales gets it's first hearing in THE SENATE

Just check this out and you decide !!

h/t mitter Church


Jarhead said...

I went on a panic firearm-high capacity-ammo buying spree a few months back.

I'm stocked and ready for the revolution.

LandShark 5150 said...

Well I declare -the jarhead is still kick'n.
I no what you mean, 25k+ .223, .40&.45 @ 20k, and a few surprisers for shitz and giggles. Nutty - no just ready.

Red said...

We missed the 2nd Amendment tax-free weekend the weekend before last :-( AT any rate, Those libs up on the hill are always trying a gun grab or some sort of back-door gun regulation. We just have to keep our eyes open and our ears perked. SOS.

Anonymous said...

According to Gun Right Eximiner, the meeting was about BATFE proceedurs, and how to stream line them.

Whether it was in the FFL holders favor, or the govenrments is still to be seen.

LandShark 5150 said...

Red - sweety, correctamundo! An ever watchful eye.

Scaly - ck that date, I take it as - to come, the 14th. Next tuesday.