Introduction from Mike Church -
This movie was a collaborative effort between the Rev. X and me. The goal was simple: ALL Republicans profess to crave, no covet! a new Gipper as the Party’s nominee. It should go without saying that said nominee should actually BELIEVE in Reagan’s core beliefs and his guiding principles.

Many people cite the 1964 speech Reagan gave on behalf of Barry Goldwater as his finest, which is why it has come to be know as “The Speech.” In The Speech, we hear Reagan referencing our Founding Fathers, The Constitution and limited self government.

We also hear his warnings about keeping Social Security as is and that young people should be allowed out of the program. Reagan warned of inflating the dollar and the departure from Gold. As he pointed out, our National Debt in 1964 was 1.5 times that of all the debt owed by all the other Nations of the WORLD.

When this speech was filmed, Americans had been newly committed to the Vietnam War and Reagan didn’t approve. He also protested our involvement and expenditures in 108 countries around the globe when we set out to help 19.

Finally, Ronald Reagan thought we had crossed a dangerous threshold when the cumulative tax rate reached 33%. (today it stands at 51-57% depending on income)

Ronald Reagan would get his chance to right many of these transgressions, but not all. His legacy, we should remind ourselves, is rooted in his undying belief in his principles and how he applied that to governing.

The point of this movie is not to sway votes in Presidential Primaries, it is to argue that Congressman Paul and those of us who agree with him, ought to have a seat at the table as our party debates it’s purpose and future which we hope is firmly rooted in the rich, Constitutional advocacy, of our past.

Yours in Conservatism,
Mike Church

And as Mike pointed out this morning, in the 50 yrs. since Reagan's goldwater speech, has the conservative movement grown? With the Tea-party now leaning towards these principles, will the movement grow? In the 50 yrs. all we have seen is the same policies of bigger government intrusion implemented. Name 1, go ahead, just 1 government agency that has gone away or even shrunk! YOU CAN'T!!
As long as we elect DeceptiCons that do not know the limits of government to govern, well our childrens kids won't have the same arguement. There will only be the leftist view.

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