Jimmy Buffet-Blames BUSH for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, absolves Obama and his heroic efforts to clean it up (why do you need to do a benefit concert then Jimm?)

Look there's a racist! uh...uh oh... that's a Black Panther guy and those are white people...uh...um... "Look! It's Linday Lohan on her way to jail!"

Tom Woods: Stop the Federal octopus and stop it now

Will the GOP become the de facto "war party" or will it become the party of Peace and Liberty? (not if Sara Palin wins the 2012 nomination)

81% of Dumbacrats are enjoying the misery they helped create

The ACTUAL source of the famous degrees of society-alleged to have been authored by Scotsman Andrew Tyler

Congratulations Obama! Another record for the debtor in chief as deficit hits $1 TRILLION for second consecutive year.... ho hum, what WILL he do for an encore now

The White House says that Obama LOVES the free market and all the entrepreneurs in it

The November elections will just make it worse when Pelosi uses the "lame duck" gavel to ram through Cap & Destroy

Lisa Jackson, not happy with ruining life on the Gulf o Mexico-takes over control of the L.A. River!

Maybe Obama and his minions of economic destroyers should read this chart before going on TV to announce their success

The Tenth Amendment Center has a roundup of the MA Gay Marriage case

h/t Mike Church


Red said...

I'm kinda feeling this way about it.

LandShark 5150 said...

Red -- I love it! That says it all. Thanks Dear.