In The Moment It Took You To Read This You Became Even More In Debt

Daily debt calculations jump and fall, and big shifts are coming, but all three of the biggest one-day debt increases have occurred under the tenure of President Obama. Yet this guy goes, yesterday, I saw it with my own eyes, he goes to Racine, Wisconsin, and they have people that idolize the man. Here, let me give you a shock poll here, ladies and gentlemen. You want to hear something shocking about this? It is my theory that Obama, that Dear Leader Chairman Maobama, who’s being praised now as being the dictator in chief, I will no longer accept any grief for calling Obama the dictator that he is, Dear Leader Chairman Maobama, because David Ignatius of the Washington Compost has said that Obama’s acting dictatorial. And if one of the libtard doyens of the Washington Compost can say it, well, then, by golly, I can, too.

Let me give you a shocking poll here. Gallup’s latest survey of Obama’s approval numbers, 81 percent of Democrats approve of the job Obama’s doing. 81 percent. Now, this is where the number gets interesting here. Now, I have to ask you libtards out there, the 81 percent of the people, of those that claim to be Democrats, that are endorsing this. So let’s go through this exercise here. Democrats just for the sake of edification. There are still differences between political parties. Not much, but there are differences in some categories, and this is one of them. So if 81 percent of the Democrat Party and those that claim membership in it are happy with the way things are going and approve of the job that Obama is doing, then my theory is the correct one to place your money on when I ask the question du jour of whether or not the Obama administration, Nazi Pelosi and the rest of them, are wrecking the economy intentionally.

Look at the results of what has transpired since Ms. Pelosi took over in 2006. Unemployment is up. Every measure of economic activity save for the gross domestic product, and that is easily explained as to why it has increased, is up. Things that you would hope would go down are not down. So you can say this: Democrats enjoy massive unemployment. Democrats enjoy increasing the rolls of people that are pleading for federal government or government assistance. Democrats enjoy the misery that’s being heaped out there as people stand in line for hours and hours and hours trying to get one shot at a job that 400 people are applying for. Democrats enjoy massive unemployment. Democrats enjoy massive debt. Democrats enjoy enslaving future generations into conscription and slavery to the federal government to pay back the debts that they are racking up today. Democrats do not enjoy prosperity. They do not enjoy happiness. They do not enjoy felicity. Because 81 percent of them are loving every minute of this ride to Hades that we’re on.

We’re on a damn roller coaster. They got a brand new one at King’s Dominion in Virginia. You people that live in Virginia, all you roller coaster nuts already know about this. It’s named after Dale Earnhardt. It’s called The Intimidator. It’s a 351-foot drop straight down. That’s the roller coaster we’re on. It’s a 351-foot drop straight down. And the Democrat Party is saying more, more, more, we can’t wait for more. Let me ask you Dumbocrats out there, how deep in debt do we have to get before you’re satisfied? Obama’s approval numbers are actually going up among Democrats. Now, on Thursdays, when the unemployment report comes out, and three out of every four are negative, horrific, and pathetic, and I say that they’re popping – that every time an unemployment rate increases, a champagne cork gets liberated in the White House, I get hate mail from libtards, “How dare you think we are enjoying this? How dare you think – how dare you say – who do you think you are – that we like this, hmm, hmm?”

Why, you approve of it in ever-increasing numbers. As the misery increases, Democrats retrench and insist that it’s a good thing. So it only makes sense to me that if 84 percent of you last week loved it, and 81 percent – or 81 percent of you last week, and 84 percent of you this week loved it, that you’re enjoying this ride to Hades. My question is, what would make a member of the Democrat Party unhappy and disapproving of Obama and the Pelosi Congress; hmm? What would it take to make them unhappy? Here’s a couple of things. Let’s see here. The national debt clock going in reverse. “No, not that [sobbing], you got to make it go back up [sobbing].” The unemployment rate going down. “No, not [sobbing], no, we need misery [indiscernible] people standing in line to get a job [sobbing].” This is quite a shock here that a certain political party is enjoying the misery of 7.5 million people unemployed.

Now, let me give you the real news of this. Are you ready? The approval rating for Dear Leader the Dictator Chairman Maobama among independents is 38 percent. Let’s start with that number. The approval rating for Dear Leader the Dictator Chairman Maobama among Republicans is 12 percent. Take 12 and 38 and combine them, young Sam. What is 12 plus 38? 50, that’s right. What is 50 divided by the two inputs? 25. So the approval rating for people that pay taxes, for people that enjoy and look forward to more freedom, more liberty, to the people that do not thrive on the misery of others, to the people that ostensibly only wish to be left alone and allowed to as God intended for them to keep more of what they earn and have less of it confiscated and given to people that haven’t earned it, the approval rating for this insanity, for this deceitful, criminal enterprise that’s going on, for this immoral exercise in “government,” is 25 percent. That’s a hopeful sign, ladies and gentlemen. Now, if we can just convert those people into being little “r” republicans and actually seeing the light of day, that no matter what the constituent parts of who is administering the tyranny, it is not going to change appreciably, then we will really make progress here.

Boy, and I have news on this today. So the last train to Brokesville news is your family went $1,500 in hock yesterday, and you didn’t do anything.


The Black Widow said...

Dear Landshark....Great post..I love the black on blue writing but my eyes are tired today.

Ok I live in WI. and I was not there to idolize Obama.Im amazed at some of the things that he is up to vrs what was promised (or not promised) in the campaign. Im' amazed at how many people show up for this crap.

My point is I agree with your whole story. I think the interst (on our debt) by 2010 is going to be mind boggling..........

LandShark 5150 said...

Black Widow -- he said what he would do and who he is. The media or the "STATE" propaganda machine driven by libtard Marxist drones are to blame, but not as much as WE are. WE were asleep at the wheel, the shoulder of the total destruction ditch woke us up. Now a few slaps across the face and we get back on course. And, in my mind, throw out the freeloading hitch hikers and hammer down the FREEway.
My take on the election is simple -- me don't trust any of them. Rep/dem are both rulers, and my fear is that the 545 little Caesars will show us who is in charge, or who they think is.
There will be a reckoning and hell to pay.
Thanks for the stop by and comment, they are always welcome.