According To Congress The Constitution Requires Racism

Let me get to the meat-and-taters of it. Then we’re going to do an economics lesson here because it needs to be done every single day on this show while I have a couple of million people listening to me that may go and tell their friends, dude, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Are you that brain-dead when it comes to economics? Class is in session. Ring the bell, sucker. The class is in session, MC Hammer would say. Well, I’m your MC MC. Stand by.

“Establishing a so-called Office of Minority and Women Inclusion within each agency is the idea of Democratic Rep. [Marxine] Waters, a Congressional Black Caucus leader and conferee. According to her amendment to the bill [which passed], ‘Each agency shall take affirmative steps to seek diversity in the workplace of the agency, at all levels of the agency,’ including recruiting,” blah blah blah, historically black colleges, women, minority universities, da da da da da. Here’s the worst part. “Each agency, in turn, is required to report to Congress detailed information describing the actions it took to diversify its staff and contract with minority-owned firms.”

This by definition is not – what is that word? What is that term used in the Constitution? Direct taxation, equally apportioned? This is not equally apportioned. The benefits of the tax certainly aren’t equally apportioned. They’re skewed. It says right in there you shall, meaning the Congress shall, enforce this. How? They will compel financial institutions to make decisions, not based on credit-worthiness, not based on employment, based on race solely. Again, the people that have been masquerading around as the defenders, oh, we’ve got to make everything fair, oh, we just want an equal shot, oh, we ought to make all the races equal. You don’t want to make it – you want to do anything but make it equal. It is a playing field that is tilted to one side. And I suppose, if you are fortunate enough, if that’s how you view fortune, as people giving you things, as having money confiscated from those that earn it stolen from them at the point of the IRS’s gun, and then redistributed to someone else because they happen to have been born in the proper racial category, I suppose that’s fortune. Is it?

Are there millions of people, tens of millions that will accept this? Absolutely. With impunity. And they’ll tell you about it that they’re accepting it. Oh, yeah, I’m taking it. You owe me. I do? Yeah, yeah, yeah. This country owes me. The world owes me. Why? Because once upon a time there were people that looked like me that were locked up, and they were called slaves, and you owe me. So this is the payback here. You know what I would rather? I would just rather the Spike Lee types and all the little foot soldiers that follow him and Marxine Waters and all the rest of them, why don’t you just tell me – I want to spare my children from this ignominious fate. Why don’t you just give me a bill? Give me an amount. What do you want from me? Even though my ancestors weren’t here when that happened, just give me an amount. How much is enough? What do you want? What do you want from Mike Church? Give me a bill. I’ll pay it right now. If it’ll shut you up and make you stop pining away to do this to my kids, I’ll give it to you right now. What’s the amount? C’mon, be honest with me, you cowards. You want 50 grand? You need 50 large? Is that what you need? Will that shut you up? Will that make you happy for the rest of your life? Will that make it equal? Will that make it fair?

I mean, this, folks, this is a criminal enterprise here. This is legitimizing racism, consecrating it in law, and in financial law. It’s not eliminating it. It is making it legal to be racist. It is making it legal. It is making it compulsory to make decisions based on race. This is the exact opposite. This is what Martin Luther King, Jr., was talking about? Really? This is what people rode buses and got up from the back seat and went to the front for? Really? Someone pushed people aside at water fountains and those purported, what do you call them, iconic lunch counters, really, for this? Boy, that equality thing is something. Where’s the indignity, is what I want to know? Where’s the indignity from those that this is purportedly designed or made to help? Hmm? “Mike, what do you mean by ‘indignity’?” Why aren’t they saying, get out of my way, sucker, I can do that myself? Where’s the pull up by the bootstraps, frontier rugged individualism mentality? What, that only happens if you happen to be born in the right race? Really? You really want to take that to your grave? You really want to pass that along to your children? Do you really? Seriously?

This is pathetic. And the fact that the Dodd crime family and Frank crime family are participating in this, and they’re being cheered on by a willing sycophantic media and by a White House that’s only too happy to embrace this, is chilling. Oh, but we’re going to give police powers, meaning someone, somewhere, is going to have a gun. And to enforce this, they’re going to use the police state. And let’s see, what am I talking about?

“Still, as insurance, the bill also calls for an audit of Fed” – that’s the Federal Reserve – “‘governance’ to examine, among other things – this is from the bill, ‘the extent to which the current system of appointing Federal Reserve bank directors effectively represents the public without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.’ More, the bill sets up a data collection system to monitor small business loans for discrimination. Lenders will now be required to report if small business applicants are minority owned.” What if they’re majority owned? Well, get to the back of the line, then, I guess. “And we haven’t even gotten to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” – that’s what Jon Belmont was droning on about – “the huge new bureaucracy whose mission, among other things, will be to ensure that ‘traditionally underserved consumers and communities have access to lending investment and financial services.’”

Where are these communities? Can you show me one? If I go into the most putrid, ghetto-like, Third World-looking neighborhood in the United States, I will still see people driving around in brand new cars. They will have brand new plasma televisions in their not-so-attractive homes. They’ll be walking around, chatting it up on the latest version of the iPhone or the Crackberry or whatever the hell. Where is the disparity?

“The bureau will wield a big stick in the Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity, whose role will be enforcing ‘nondiscriminatory access to credit.’ It will have the power to subpoena witnesses and documents, as well as issue temporary orders requiring banks to cease and desist any practice. They will add to and work with HUD’s and Justice’s own diversity cops. The bureau adds a massive new layer of bureaucracy to the four federal agencies already enforcing fair lending compliance under the onerous [Community Resource Act, that’s the] CRA. Banks will now be under enormous political pressure to bend underwriting rules for protected classes with iffy credit.” So if you thought the first subprime mortgage meltdown, bubble, was bad, oh, just wait’ll you get a load of this one. Good grief, folks.

“The bureau, which is the White House’s baby, will invite ‘experts in fair lending [and] civil rights,’ as well as ‘representatives of communities’ – where have I heard that word, oh, community organizers, right, right, got it – ‘representatives of communities that have been significantly impacted by higher priced mortgage loans’ to sit on a Consumer Advisory Board and consult on policy. A research unit, meanwhile, will solicit data and ‘experiences’ from urban housing activists about consumers in ‘underserved communities.’”

You mean like Detroit? Yeah, let’s look at where all the subprime, Section 8, free money lending got home prices in Detroit, Michigan? What is the average sales price now of a home in Detroit, Michigan? Would you like to take a guess? Oh, this has been tried. We already know where this has been tried. It’s been implemented. I can show you where it’s been tried. Detroit, Michigan, average home sale price $7,000. $7,000. What were those same homes worth around 2000? 135,000? 145? That’s a great job, Obama. That’s a great job, Barney. That’s a great job, Chrissy. Wow.


Conservative Scalawag said...

And my head explodes one again.

How about instead of being a country of looters,moochers,race baiter,social justice seekers and so forth. Which is what the progressvies are all about. Seeing they want to turn us into a Utopian serfdom paridice.

Why not treat each other based on their merits,abilities, and character.

LandShark 5150 said...

because they care about us. They know you cant make us equally happy but you can make us equally miserable. but this is a simple wedge for votes.

commoncents said...

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Red said...

Ugh. I see you got spammed by common cents in your comments section. I can't stand that guy. Btw, Bluepitbull has called it quits which sucks in my not-so-humble opinion. :-(
Aaand I've added you to my blogroll.

LandShark 5150 said...

RED -- yep commentscents got thru, at least he/they should read the post before spam'n . I really hate that he gave it up, understand me do. Fork, i have cut back be cause i feel nothing is going to change, red vs. blue, thats the war both want us to keep. Both are our enemy. Career politicans not a citizen representive are skin stick stabbing us up the keister. It all is to much at times. I'll give him a mail shot and see what gives.
THANKS RED for the rollcall - it is truly an honor !!!