So fresh from plugging the oil well up, plug the damn hole, stop up the damn hole. Hey, do we have Gibbs saying – wait, before I move on to Obama and – let’s see, where’s my cut sheet? Before I move onto Obama going to Arizona – see, he stops the sea levels from rising, the dead walk, the sick get healed, everybody gets a job. And then for fun on the fourth day the almighty, the omnipotent Obama goes to Arizona, and what happens? Do all the illegal aliens run home because Obama tells – will he ask anyone that’s in Arizona illegally to voluntarily leave or face deportation? This would be the prudent thing to do. This is what a commander-in-chief who held the sovereignty of one of the member states of the union as near and dear, and who held the idea that a border between us and a foreign land was to be enforced, and who held the idea that, hey, we have this thing called “citizenship” here. You’re not a citizen. Therefore, we don’t have to cater to your demands, and we certainly don’t have to care for you.

Wouldn’t it be prudent, wouldn’t this be a great move for a great man, a great leader, a great president, to protect and to let the people that are under his charge know – that’s we citizens of these United States of America, yes, and I meant to say “these” United States of America – that the federal government takes their objective and takes their responsibility to enforce the borders and do these other things very seriously. And therefore, when he goes to Arizona, you know, take the podium. Take the sand-drenched podium from Grand Isle, Louisiana, the photo op podium that was pulled down to the beaches of Louisiana last Friday, bring that to Arizona, go out in the middle of the desert and say, [mimicking President Obama] “Now, I want you to listen to me. I’m going to be clear. If you’re here illegally, we’re going to give you 30 days to voluntarily get out. You need to go home and pursue legal means to become citizens of this country, or my administration is going to start enforcing our laws. And we’re going to do it with the help of the people and the law enforcement of Arizona. And if we find you, and you’re here illegally, we’re going to send you home. But we’re asking you to get out before 30 days because, if you’re illegal, and you’ve broken our laws, could face criminal penalties. And it could cost you mucho dineros.” That’s a little Spanish lingo there for a lot of money.

Wouldn’t that seem to you to be the responsible thing to do? Wouldn’t that be what the greatest, the greatest, the most all-knowing, all-seeing man President in the history of the world, isn’t that what you would think he would do on behalf of the commoners, of the common people of Arizona? It would seem to me that that would be exactly what he would do. That would be the responsible, prudent thing to do. Instead he’s going to meet with the governor, and he’s probably going to go out, and he’ll do a press conference. And then when it’s done he’ll go back to bashing Arizona and back to throwing Arizona under the bus and making them out to be a pariah.

Speaking of, Los Angeles has voted to cut the electricity off. If you live in Los Angeles, get ready to get the oil lamps out. You’re going to need them. Los Angeles County votes to boycott Arizona over immigration law. Boy, I tell you, folks. And I was going over this with a friend yesterday, so let me just go over this with you before we take a timeout. Right now, by my count, there are four states, four states, count ‘em, four, that receive little benefit and would benefit individually, mightily, I would say, by ending the agreement with what is known as the United States of America’s federal government and going it on their own. Those states are Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. Now, I’m going to say this again to our friends up there in Alaska. And I realize it’s, what, 1:00 o’clock in the morning in Alaska? What time is it in Alaska? Do you know?

See if you can find out what time zone is Anchorage in. We’re probably, what, three hours, four hours ahead of them, I would imagine?

Is it 1:30? Okay, so it’s 1:30 Aren’t they in the middle of the summer when the sun really doesn’t set? It never really gets...

Yeah, it’s a 20-hour day,  The other 49 lower states, well, you’ve got to throw New York, California, let’s see, what other bark-humping wacko states are in the USSA, out. Let’s just say 35. The 35 members of the lower continental U.S. 48 states, 35 states, have come to the conclusion that it is in our and your best interests to secede from the union immediately. “that’s radical, you can’t say that.” Well, hear me out. Hold on.

The Obama administration has succeeded in demonizing and vilifying the oil and gas exploration industry beyond what anyone dreamed was possible. Just imagine, you people out there that held in your brains the idea that the cap-and-destroy bill and all the other environmental bills that have been passed, and the moratoriums on drilling, and Obama’s promise that he was going to tax coal into oblivion – remember the interview he gave with the San Francisco Chronicle in January of 2008 where he said, “Under my plan, energy rates will necessarily skyrocket.” So it seems to me that Obama is executing part of his agenda, which is to get rid of as much of the oil and gas industry as possible, to nationalize or bring what is left under the umbrella of the federal government and take it over, thus facilitating the need for all manner of unworkable, inefficient methods of electricity generation that benefit his green buddies and benefit the cap-and-trade, the carbon exchange in Chicago’s Mercantile Exchange and what have you, carbon credit exchange and all this other stuff.

Seems to me that Obama has accomplished a goal that many people feared that he was going to accomplish. Why isn’t he being given credit for it? Again, this guy is not the biggest failure that we’ve ever had as a communist socialist corporatist statist president. He is the greatest success story. He has destroyed more private capital in a mere 18 months than any previous occupant of the White House in toto. You could add them all up together, and that includes FDR’s World War II. You people in Alaska, you stand to lose tens of billions of dollars by continuing to be in our union. So, look. We’re going to send you a divorce message. Get out now. Go on your own. We need you to bail. Why do we need Alaska to bail? Because they have ass loads of oil. And we can still be friends with them. We can still have trade alliances and treaties with them. They have bazillions of barrels of crude oil.

Listen to me, ladies and gentlemen. We are not going to swear off of driving our cars tomorrow morning. We are not going to swear off turning the light switch on and expecting that magic to happen that makes the lights come on. We are not going to expect that our computers don’t fire up in the morning or that the new flat panel TV doesn’t work. And in order to keep all these things going we need oil. We need gas. We need diesel. We need coal, too. But Alaska is a treasure chest, treasure chest of natural resources, including oil. Well, the Obama administration has just succeeded in locking up most of Alaska’s resources. And if we want to be able to purchase them – because, look. Oil exploration in the Gulf is dead for years. Dead. Dead as a doornail. Obama and whoever cooked up the idea of drilling in 5,000 feet of water have successfully negated that. Oil exploration off the coast of Florida, dead. Oil exploitation off the coast of Virginia, if Obama has anything to say about it, dead. Oil exploration on land, as long as Obama is President, dead. Because they’re not going to grant the leases. “Why, we’ve got to have a moratorium. We’re going to be responsible about this,” he’ll say.

So we need Alaska to go on her own and be independent. That way the Alaska Republic or the country of Alaska can drill for and make all the oil that they want, explore for all the oil that they want, and we can buy it from them at market prices. Keep that damn pipeline open. Hell, build another one. As long as we’re sitting here calling the shots, Alaska is going to suffer immeasurably, and the people of Alaska are going to become poorer as a result.
End Mike Church Show Transcript


Stogie said...

Hey, I enjoyed that. I have been advocating secession for a while now, if things get bad enough. With Obama, what was once unthinkable becomes necessary for survival.

If Texas secedes, I think I will move there.

LandShark 5150 said...

Stogie, my long ole buddy, I would sell sell you a couple dozen lake front acres so you don't long for the waterfront! One problem - Admiral Nonutz Perry hasn't discovered that set of nutz under his south pole. He's forgotten that we Texicans are of a Republic entity of Texas. We can and should leave the union of socialized states of America. We can be easily self supportive. He forgot what Beck helped kill, the words of a constitutionalist in Debra Medina - We Stand Alone if need be!
Thanks for the words and like Tom at the 6'er I'll keep the light in the window for ya.