This Memorial Day I have the time to share with friends and family more than norm. We've shared laughter and meals. This morning while all is asleep I began thinking of those brave souls that have'nt the shared days blessed to me. As the sun rose I walked with my maker thru a path of dew covered flowers. The birds sang and the peace that comes with mornings in the woods by the lakes edge sometimes is deafening. I pray that they share the peace I sometimes find.
I read a great perspective of a son's thoughts of his father over at Conservative Scalawag's blog - give it a look see!
I've had this tune running thru me head for a week now - so I be agiv'n it to you. Being a Texas boy, it holds a dear spot in me heart of a time I remember that seems like only yesterday.

The following is for the brave men and women who laid themselves upon the alter of freedom. The debt is paid daily and I am eternally grateful.


The Donald said...

Normally, I try to do something with the kids to recognize Memorial Day - visit the Vietnam Memorial replica, or go to a cemetery where a dramatic reading or living history lesson (e.g. Westlake IOOF) is being given.

But we didn't do it this year. #1 son had just bought his first vehicle the day before, and we spent the whole day detailing it. Still, I was cognizant of the sacrifices made that caused us to have the day off to pursue our own agenda.

Re: the Galveston clip - I can remember taking trips down there in the late '60s, early '70s with my parents and grandparents. The song would be playing, with similar sound quality, from some of those motels along Seawall Boulevard.

Stayed at the Flagship on Spring Break '79, before its decline.

In 2008, took the kids down there, their first time to the ocean. That summer, my uncle rented a beach house at Crystal Beach, for his 4 kids and all the grandkids. A week after they left, so did the beach house.

LandShark 5150 said...

Don -- thanks for the comment and read. Galveston has always been near the heart. Yep, remember 08. Tore me apart to see the city after IKE hit, was looking at the pix I took from the aftermath the other day. As sad as the city looked the people - was the flipside. All came out for each other.
The flagship destroyed but standing and the old Balinese Room out on the pier gone. Saw ZZ top there one year long ago.