States Rights Are Virtually Unlimited

Now many of you who see this picture probably imagine that this post is a racist statement hidden in argument. First thing first, "illegal" is not a race its a status. And our policies towards illegals are uniform across all cultures, yes even Canadians. Right now in Arizona we have an interesting situation. Namely, a lot of people who have NO affiliation with the State or understanding about the situation are automatically condemning their actions. Whether their actions are "right" or "wrong" it was the State's decision.

So what are we saying? that if a State decided that it was alright to pull people over just for driving blue cars to check and see if they have drugs in their cars that should be okay too? - Well, Yes. Not only did a portion of the State agree with this measure but a majority, and even if they didn't, there is a way to strike back at a State that passes unfair and unjust laws. Either vote the people out, or move and they don't get your tax revenue.

Regrettably in the age of the "supreme" federal government States constantly receive financial help and so the second method doesn't work. But money is not infinite (at least for the individual State). And if enough people leave the State will suffer and either go broke and die or change their decision.

These are the choices left to the people of Arizona. As for the rest of you, LEAVE ARIZONA ALONE!. If your State has not passed this law than stop complaining, this is the sovereign right of the people of the State of Arizona. People in California, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, New York, etc. Mind your own business.

(Note - we have not said whether the bill is right or wrong because it is the will of the people of Arizona and know one from the staff of the Mike Church Show is from or living in AZ)

So why is this an issue, as far as minding your own business? - because with the vast majority of the State in support of the bill, news channels have reported that it is people from other states who are coming to protest. I don't understand everything, but it seems to me that if you want to boycott a State you can't go there and spend money so you can protest, seems like a contradiction.

example of other states getting "involved"

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bluepitbull said...

I don't see the bill as racist. In fact, even though there was a preemptive move on the part of Janet Nappolitano to give Texas a UAV, Perry has already proposed a similar law in Texas.

We know who the illegals are and even if we didn't, it's not targeting of Hispanics as most angry people in San Antonio are trying to tout.