This study that I have put on here was to be a experiment as to what I and my fellow countrymen actually knew about the most talked about document of the day. this project was never meant to discourage any political view, ALL are welcome to contribute.

The articles 1 - 6, have been discussed by The Griper and meself. Now we move to article 7 and those amendments 1-27. The first ten are the Bill of Rights. Your rights from government intrusion. You know the ones that don't cover cell phones, dubs for donks, food stamps or healthcare.

I really thought that this little project here would unfold a good yield of ideas, thoughts to intent and practicality. I may have overestimated my countrymen. This project (to date) has given me the answer I feared. Either you fellow readers know this information and it is too bothersome to help others understand or you would rather cheerlead the latest fever from the ten square mile of hell on earth known as D.C., all the time not knowing what you have actually lost and what you are allowing to be stolen from your children.

I pray that, we are tired and have lives of our own to deal with, that sharky never comes to my blog and comments, or why bother, are answer that cross your mind and not the alternative.

As for me -- I see a country hurt by it's government. A hurt that is self induced, - that's right self induced. We have been poisoned from the well. The Blue side, restricting the amount of water to the poison and the Red side restricting the poison to the water. Either way they both, have dishonored their duty by stealing what is ours -- the well! And there is no one to blame but us. You and I. We are the unspoken keepers of the country. We have dishonored every drop of blood shed for it.

We are the greatest and most powerful branch of government. We are the forth branch that goes unsaid that wakes up every morning, toils our labor and returns home to the arms of our only sanctuary, our family. We carry the heavy load of righting the wrongs of government. We have allowed ourselves to wear those chains. The chains are ours. Government isn't to blame. It is a living beast that consumes. The more it eats the larger it gets, consuming more and more. And when it's hunger is suppressed it yells and cries. It is high time we stop spoiling the child and use the rod.

See the picture, they blame us for not saving and living beyond our means (and we have), yet when we save, we are told now not the time. All the time, it talks with it's mouth full. We have raised a brat. That has used our love for country be confused with that of government. To keep the child quiet we have lost the mind set of being the parent

WE ARE THE PEOPLE and government will yield to the rod and mind mom and dad's rules.

Please join me and me good friend Griper as we discuss the rules of the house and the chores assigned to the kid.

EDIT: Thanks guys for the comments already shared and with this I would like to express me regret of allowing the ARSE - hole in me to sound out. Like ya said, it is busy days. And that is and should not be an excuse for my neglect of being a fellow good blogger. I have let meself forget those things of 'good nieghbor' and showing me face around you. So please except the apology, slap me around and I will make a better attempt. have a Good sunday and tomorrow the Rights begin.


The Right Guy said...

What it comes down to is information overload. I have over 60 blogs I follow and I see your blog in the recents posts list, and say cool, some one is explaining the constitution...But with my own silly posts, trying to keep up and all, I never really got to stop by very often.

I also think for a lot of folks, it may be pedantic. LEts be honest, our educational system has distilled things to the point that if they can't somehow include global warming and green issues, it won't be taught. May be it's better to weave a narrative with current day examples, may be you've done that...Honestly, if you watch or listen to the big four (Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and O'Reilly), it's not likely you are going to get anything in depth. Beck tries, but the others don't really go there.Ask yourself this; Why is Palin so popular? She surely doesn't go into these topics as you do, and I don't think she has the gravitas for it either. It's become a said revelation that people are more moved by straw men from either side, than anything substantive, well thought out and criticized. JMO.

Christopher said...

I believe what you are doing is commendable. Sad statement about our educational system that you should even undertake such a discussion/project though.

I myself am aware of the document and have been so since my birth. That said I see no reason to "discuss" it but rather see elected representatives adhere to it.

Never the less, keep up the good work.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I, like so many, have a copy of the Constitution Sharky.

I am very busy running a business, getting my own blogs going, and trying to visit and comment on every blog I read (about thirty a day). My wife is ready to disown me because my nose is against this screen far too much already.

I have had the Constitution ingrained in me since birth by my father. I've watched fools lead this country that didn't know it's meaning. And finally, I have fought for her.

You have been "Preaching to the Choir" here, Sharky. You need to go out and teach the sheeples of this land. Blog traffic is down everywhere. We The People are greatly hurt, regrouping, and planning our next move.

I'm sorry you haven't noticed us, but we're out here trying to fight a good fight.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

This is an issue I am faced with as well. When you put a lot of thought and research into a post and get...nothing. Friends say that sometimes when there are no comments it is because you have said it all. I dont know. I suspect it has a lot more to do with information overload like others have said. Between my job, trying to write for my blog and reading everyone's elses, sometimes no one gets my full attention.

That being said, I get tired of all of us on the side of Liberty talking to each other, we just keep digging trenches. The other side does the same, no one talks to each other, that is both the blessing and the curse of the blogosphere. We stay in our comfort zones and when anyone from the other side shows up, out come the flame throwers. I spent all morning engaging in dialogue with people who do not agree, we have managed to keep it civil so far.

I keep the Constitution, the BOR and the Federalist papers on the iphone, anywhere my phone goes so do those.

Keep the faith and keep up the fight.