bluepitbull said...

I support her as well and I think this was contrived by Perry in an attempt to keep his crony ass in power.

Opus #6 said...

Hmmm. I will try to keep an open mind on this issue.

Bungalow Bill said...

Glenn Beck is a decepticon. Have no doubt about it. What he did yesterday confirms what I felt over ten years ago about Beck. I often questioned his sincerity to conservatism, because it didn't feel real. Then I heard him promoting the VAT tax, confirming. Now I have no doubt after hearing him try to destroy Medina.

LandShark 5150 said...

The Beck/Palin connection and the Perry/Palin connection, I can see your point BPB. Medina was closing the gap with 'second to Barney Frank liberal spending,earmark' Hutchinson, but Perry has the lead and will, most likely, win. To get that phoney KBH out of the hunt should have been Perry's goal. UNLESS -- he is afraid of true conservative values of the people.
Lew Rockwell has a great peice on this Beck shame.
I like Beck as a teacher of history and warning of the direction we are heading, but this is proof positive he is a shill for as you (clay), I and others call decepticons.
I have a post on the Sea Wolf on Ron Pauls thoughts on decepticons going Tea-Party.
This is just why I am posting on this blog the Constitutional study. To know what we are conserving as conservatives. It has been a new learning experience for me to really dive deep into why and what the words written into the constitution were placed there.
Please join in. Let us learn together, teach one another our veiws and see what we want. The new boss same as the old boss or we the people as the boss.
Medina will still get my support and vote!
Thanks guys and gal for your comments. sharky

Fuzzy Slippers said...

What Opus said. And why she said it.

LandShark 5150 said...

Look Opus and Fuzzy, I meself have some questions that I believe are unanswered. 3 planes crashed into buildings, one was crashed in Penn. by the members onboard or was it? I know the romantical- heroric story told, but facts are facts. That one particular plane, wreckage was found miles away, not consistant with a direct impact. And military jets were in the area. Within "reasonable doubt" it is possible that the plane was brought down by an outside source. I am not trying to take ANY thing away from those brave souls onboard. But looking at it in a medical triage point of veiw, one sometimes is forced to severe a bleeding limb for the better of the whole. Would I be surprised by this action -- NO. Would i be mad or upset -- NO. Would i be sad -- YES! Sad for all invovled, those onboard, the survivors, those that would have made that decission and for those how would have executed the orders.
I said facts are facts ( and if I wrong -please so me - I WILL LISTEN), the truth is, does anyone know for sure? Yes we have what the gubbermint has told us, but is it the truth?
Does this make me a truther?
I do not think the gubbermint brought down the buildings on 9-11, do i wonder 'what they knew and when' -- yes I do. Does that make me a truther? I don't think so. I think it makes me a person that is looking for the answers that I feel haven't been answered to my level of satisfaction.
And just maybe Mrs. Medina feels the same and for that veiw point maybe Beck feels it also.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Sharky, I wonder if there can be "shades of truthers"? heh. I don't know if we shot down Flight 93, but if we did, I think it was the right move at that time, given what we already knew (both towers and the Pentagon had been hit at that point, all planes grounded, etc.). That we had military fighters scrambled that quickly is a testament to our military; we had no reason to be on alert, after all. Not then. But our guys (and girls) are the best of the best and if they were ordered to shoot down that plane and did so, horrible as that may seem, wouldn't it be the right move? Where was that plane heading? how many people on the ground would have been killed if it had reached its intended destination. If I were on any plane destined to crash into a building and kill thousands of people, I would want the plane shot down. We don't bargain with terrorists, and we don't allow them to carry out their murderous rampages if we can stop them.

Is there really anything wrong with either scenario, that the plane was brought down by heroic passengers (what I personally believe happened, based on the evidence available) or by our military, in an equally heroic act that saved lives?

As to what we knew prior to 9/11 (a COMPLETELY different issue than what happened to Flight 93, when the attacks were fully underway): I do not believe and will not believe until I am presented with actual evidence that we knew enough beforehand to have stopped that plot (none of their dads reported them to American embassies, if memory serves). I have written about this at length in a post entitled Skepti-Certainty and 9/11. It's aimed at debunking the Loose Change film/s, but it deals with other conspiracy theories, as well. http://fuzislippers.blogspot.com/2007/08/skepti-certainty-and-911.html (Kid told me how to do links in Blogger comments, but I can never remember :().

Anyone who believes that our government planned these attacks or sat back, knowing full well exactly what would happen, is a truther. And they are not patriots. Not in my book. I don't think, based on what you've written here, that includes you. But then, you aren't running for a government office, so what you believe isn't nearly as important to anyone as what Medina believes. And the people who can vote for her (i.e. not me) will make the decision of whether she should be in office or not.

Red said...

Truthers in my book are the people who believe our governemnt knew what was going to happen and when and either let it happen or facilitated it somehow. I do think it's healthy to question what really happened and when as we do not usually get the entire story. I think Beck was an ass for trying to indict Medina as a truther and I believe just as Bill and Landshark do that Beck is a decepticon—that he is a shill and that he needs to think about his credibility the next time he opens his mouth or sheds another tear.

Conservative Scalawag said...

I usually agree with Beck, but since when was asking a few more questions and challenging the status quo make you a Truther or nut job?

it doesn't, it only makes you a citizens with a few more questions.