Candidate for Congress Michael Wardell -- Thank you for coming by!

New to my blog is Mr. Micheal Wardell,  I hope he will join in on this forum of the U.S. Constitution. I would like to hear his and your thoughts on each artical, section and amendment. The rules are simple, starting this past week with the Preamble working forward to the topic now of Article 1 section 2, what if any changes would you make, what thoughts you have on it. Every two days we will move to the next. Just opinions, it is a learning "project" for me and just maybe all of us. I hope that we can have an open discussion on the Constitution to learn more and understand where we are going. I invite you to read back to earlier this week to see my thoughts and learn what my fellow bloggers have to say.
Mr. Wardell, I want to THANK YOU for your service, past and present, to our nation and welcome you here. I enjoyed your response to the SOTUS. For that - I salute you. sharky


Bungalow Bill said...

Be sure to check out the
Billy Long is Wrong Web site.

LandShark 5150 said...

I will -- Thanks Clay!

LandShark 5150 said...

Clay -- I found that to be very interesting. As I have said, we better know what we are trying to conserve and to whom we should tie our wagon to. A well informed and educated voter will make all the difference. This wave of new found conservative values is something that needs to be guarded. Those that seek the vote with out knowing the constitution will be ousted. Great find, in the post you found and the canidate Wardell.