• 1st -- would like to tell the Mako Snark a big THANK YOU!

  • 2nd -- will be changing and rearranging in the days to come. I don't want to lose any of ya on the blog roll, so if you would drop a comment to me, I'll double sure to keep you. Don't want to lose you but things do happen to me in the puter world, that I can't splain.

  • And 3rd -- any suggestions would taken into consideration, YES, even those to give it up.
Thanks. sharky


what makes us right said...

if you are updating, feel free to add us on to the roll!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sharky, I love your new look. Your title section is true art. The lettering is gray, making for easier reading. LOOKING GOOD !

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Al Gore has discovered that global warming thawed out a previously extinct saber toothed manatee in the arctic circle....heh heh

jadedfellow said...

Bite on Dude!

Black and White, (and the blues), git's er done!

"Give me Liberty or give me Jaws!"

Sorry recollection ain't my strong suit, yet Patrick was a jewel.

Drop Iningly Yours,


fuzzys dad said...

I like the new look.

The_Kid said...

Love the new look.
Yes, easier to read, and I love the shark from Nemo. Hell of a lot better looking than any Dem politician you could stick on here.

AnObiter said...

Don't lose me!!!!!! Sharky, I love your blog and the comments you leave on mine. =) Although, I DO miss the smoking baby...that was the Bomb...