Top 100 US liberals and conservatives -- GET READY TO GRAB THE BRAKE

Telegraph.co.uk presents its latest list of the 100 most influential conservatives and 100 most influential liberals in America a year after Barack Obama took the oath on the steps of the Capitol to become the 44th President of the United States.

Top US conservatives and liberals

Top conservatives: 100-81 80-61 Top liberals: 100-81 80-61
Most influential conservatives 2007

Comment that caught me eye:

Grape Soda
on January 11, 2010
at 06:48 PM
Funny how the mainstream media labeled Bush as a “conservative.” Can anyone tell me what is conservative about expanding the size of government 3 fold? Nation building? Running up the deficit? Devaluing the dollar? A policy of corporate welfare or corporate Socialism should have give you idiots a hint. Nearly ALL of these idiots are far left “progressive” globalists.
Aside from a few social issues both parties are pretty much the same in practice.

on January 11, 2010
at 10:41 PM
Despite the gallant effort you describe as your selection process, the list of 100-80 for conservatives contains individuals who are in no way, shape, form or fashion conservatives. A common practice among left wing journalists both here and abroad is to describe all individuals less-radically-left than themselves as "conservatives". That doesn't make it true. From reading the names of those on your list of conservatives, one wonders if you've really and truely ever met a conservative. I agree whole-heartedly with the first three posts. Prepare yourselves for an onslaught.

Seems as if we are not seperated by more than a ocean. They have their Maoist media also.

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