The three Republican candidates vying for their party's spot on the Gubernatorial ticket next fall will meet for their second debate tonight.

The debate is hosted by WFAA and assisted by the Texas Association of Broadcasters.
Incumbent Governor Rick Perry, the senior Senator from Texas Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Wharton County Republican chair Debra Medina will be on the panel.

The race between Perry and Hutchison has been anticipated since 2006, when Hutchison first contemplated a run for the governor's seat, but decided to continue serving in Washington. First by saying that being Governor and holding the seat for 8 yrs. was too long for anyone to hold office. Hello McFly, you've held the Senate seat for ? Her decision left the door open for Perry to win re-election hands down with 39% of the vote over three other opponents. Analysts say Medina is a distant third with little realistic hope of pulling off an upset, however, her recent boost of momentum since Jan. 14th debate has increased her credibility (and some say support) and that could force Perry and Hutchison into a runoff after the March 2 primary. I think they are wrong, We the People want a true conservative. We don't have the political machine and the money wheels that come with it. But we have something they don't, each other.

I will still pull for Debra Medina, the truest Conservative in the race. So this a call out to all my fellow countrymen. If you live here, read and get informed. Let your conservative values balance the scales. If you live in other states and know someone in Texas, call them to do the same. If they want our constitution to survive, get them on Medina's wagon or send her support. Email her with you thoughts and support.

After all, I really feel, NOW is the time to strike, while the conservative fire is hot. We must band together, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county, state to state. Together is the only way. Supporting true conservatives for office, anywhere. Please join me in these efforts. If your town, county or state has such people of virtue, get the word out and I will rally behind you and them. Now is the time. Get the word out, We are the People and we're pissed!

Thank you, sharky.

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