Yes that's a fact. Why else would he send George W. Bush to lead the American Disaster relief in Haiti. Poor old George. It will be a no win for you. You will be blamed for any failed ambitions of the left(again). Just think of it Dear Leader making that call to George in the most non-negro voice to the white devil himself.


Bungalow Bill said...

Obama thinks he can show Bush to see how its done after Katrina. What the media will fail to report is all the countries that have gathered to save Obama's ass on this one.

LandShark 5150 said...

BBCW -- George is in for a beating. No matter what he does - HE IS SCREWED!
I still have to laugh at the thought of all the libs getting drunk today, sobbing in their martinis. Their man reaches out to Bush, the failed status quo George. Freaking funny.
Thanks Clay, for your unyeilding support. When I think it is time to stop this blog thing, you give me encouragement to push thru another day, THANK YOU, Sir. sharky

TRUTH 101 said...

While your comment moderation is a nusaince and obviously an attempt to hide from debate with me Sharky, I would hate to see yuo shut down your blog.

You're one of the few righties I've found that doesn't need to recite the usual taliking points. You are an original and I have great respect for that. Oscar Wilde would be proud of you. Except for the last years of his life when he went gay. Unless you support gay marriage.

LandShark 5150 said...

T101-- The comment moderation helps keep the daily spam out. Sorry if it gets in the way, but it will stay. I an usually away from a computer during the day, so I try to post comments from my phone.
For the record-- no I don't believe marriage is a right, nor healthcare. I think if two people want to join in a civil agreement that gives them equality to the same benefits granted to those of married couples -- no problem. It is a difficult topic to understand. On one side, I feel that ALL men where created in God's image, therefore it can not be wrong. As you may see, I have mixed feelings on the subject.
Having a few gay friends, I feel for them but I also think the marriage issue is over-rated for them. Marriage, in my understanding, is a covenant by a man and a woman, to God, to stay faithful to one another and reproduce in a family structure. A gay couple can do the same but can adopt. As I said, it is a difficult topic. When we call it a right, well crap, I want a couple of wives, that is my right too, don't think the terra-mako will go for it. But it would still be my right. I could do the same thing with a civil agreement, signed between us. Difficult subject.
And as for debating with you -- I always look forward to it (I did say that with a straight face, didn't I?)
I am as tired as you are with government as a whole - all partys. I just want truth and commitment to our nations best interest - not greed or power. What the heck happened to virtue? When did people lose that?
And most importantly - when will we strive to gain it back?

As always Truth, you my friend, are welcome here. sharky