Massachusetts -- Thank you for the 'BOSTON TEA PARTY'. This was a message to our King Georges in Washington. You have given me a renewed life in the American Spirit. Sorry that President Obama and Howard Dean think that you're wrong for voting for a republican and their failed policies. They seem to forget, they are part of the problem too.
We people of this great nation, admire you. We call you patriots. We the people,want our country back and Washington better take notice.
Because history seems to be repeating itself!


Anonymous said...

I give thanks to God for the idea that we can still recover our country the Constitutional way, with our voices and our votes. Had they been allowed to sink their claws into us much more, the lib'ral wash might have evoked a more painful response from We The People. Let us never forget that the Boston Tea Party was not the "friendly" and "tailgate" event some paint it to have been. It was ugly and had repercussions.

We're not out of the woods yet, but we're finding that we can get ourselves on the right track so long as we don't lose focus and we don't drop our guard.

LandShark 5150 said...

RWL -- you're right. I still believe that God brought those great men together at the right possible time in history to forge this nation. I am thankful also that we can find it thru our resolve of peace. And I pray that we continue this path. Thank you, as always for the comments. sharky