In 1776, an extraordinary group of men signed a document that affirmed their God-given right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." By attaching their signatures to our great Declaration of Independence, they, in effect, were signing their potential death warrants.
Indeed, the last line of our Declaration reads, "For the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

Many of these men, and many of their countrymen, the first generation of American Patriots, would die fighting for American liberty.

A decade later, their liberty having been won at great cost, our Founders further codified their independence and interdependence by instituting yet another historic document, our Constitution.

The Constitution specifies in Article VI, clause 3:

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution..."
Bound by Oath to support...

The Constitution also prescribes the following oath to be taken by the President: "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."
Preserve, protect and defend...

Commissioned and enlisted military personnel are also required by statute to "solemnly swear, that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same...", though the officer's oath doesn't include any provision that they obey orders.
Against all enemies, foreign and domestic...

Notably, all these oaths mandate the preservation, protection, support and defense of our Constitution as ratified, not the so-called "living constitution" as amended by judicial activists populating what Thomas Jefferson predicted would become "the despotic branch."

While uniformed Americans serving our nation defend our Constitution with their lives, most elected officials debase it with all manner of extra-constitutional empowerment of the central government, not the least of which is the forced redistribution of income to benefit their constituency groups which, in turn, dutifully re-elect them.

Military service personnel who violate the Constitution are remanded for courts-martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, while politicians who violate the Constitution are remanded for -- re-election.
On that note, the latest crop of politicians in Washington under the supervision of President
Barack Obama are destined to make a greater mockery of our Constitution than any administration in history. Clearly, Obama and his ilk have no history of honoring, or intention to honor, their oaths and, in fact, have no context for such honor.

A small cadre of liberals who believe themselves to be "patriots" have asked, "Can't I be a bona fide Patriot and support Barack Obama?"

In a word ... NO, unless in a state of solemn repentance.In the spirit of charity, perhaps Obama supporters, who self-identify as patriots, are just grossly misinformed about our Constitution, our history and their own civic duty. Of course, they would likewise be grossly deluded about their identity, but perhaps the delusion is temporary.

I would suggest that Obama "patriots" are nothing more than "sunshine patriots," as Thomas Paine wrote, who "will in crisis, shrink from the service of his country."

At its core, the word "patriot" has direct lineage to those who fought for American independence and established our constitutional republic. That lineage has descended most directly through our history with those who have been entrusted "to support and defend" our Constitution -- more specifically, those who have been faithful to, and have abided by, that oath. As previously noted, by "our Constitution," I am referring to the United States Constitution, not the adulterated vestigial remains that liberals call "the living constitution."

I have taken this oath in the service of our country. But I did not have to take any oath to understand my obligations as a citizen "to support and defend" our Constitution.

So, does the title of "Patriot" apply to an individual who votes for a man who has not honored his public oaths of office previously, and has given no indication he intends to "bear true faith and allegiance to the same" as president -- a man who subscribes to the errant notion of a "living constitution" which, in his own words, "breaks free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution"?

No authentic Patriot would support those who violate their sacred oaths.

Unfortunately, in the most recent election, we saw even a handful of flag-rank military officers who have no more reverence for their oaths than Obama. However, they are the exception, not the rule. Obama's mantra, "change," is a euphemism for constitutional abrogation -- an incremental encroachment on liberty until, at last, liberty is lost.

Our nation's second president, John Adams, warned, "A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever."

As for Obama's deception about his own patriotic pedigree, I commend the words of our nation's first president, George Washington: "Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism. ...Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation deserts the oaths...?"

Regarding the Presidential Oath of Office, Justice Joseph Story wrote:
"The duty imposed upon him to take care, that the laws be faithfully executed, follows out the strong injunctions of his oath of office, that he will 'preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.' The great object of the executive department is to accomplish this purpose." He wrote further that if the president does not honor his oath, his office "will be utterly worthless for ... the protection of rights; for the happiness, or good order, or safety of the people."Of course, Barack Obama proposes to further constrain the rights of the people by advancing centralized government control of the economy by way of regulation and forced income redistribution, all in the name of "happiness, good order, and safety of the people," but in direct violation of his oath. Hand in hand with Senators and Representatives. Both parties are guilty.
So, again, I ask you, how long will we allow this to continue?


Bungalow Bill said...

LandShark, first I borrowed this idea for my first blog of 2010 as well, and you beautifully lay the oath out there and define Patriot perfectly. Our founders did not worship leviathan, they defeated it. Then they strived to create a more perfect form of government. It is when Congress and the other branches strayed from the form they created in Philadelphia, the great expermiment began to crumble.

The words of the Constitution arne't outdated like liberals will suggest. How would they know. They have probably never read through them. They are tough words, words founded around discipline and limits. As you know many liberals don't like the Bible either for this very reasons. They beleive freedom is the freedom from responsibility, when it's just the opposite. Freedom is having the responsibility to care for yourself while not relying on someone to provide for you; thus controling you.

When you take the oath required on Article VI, the Constitution come before any man. It' non negotiable. You don't sell your vote like Ben Nelson did while suscribing to the oath. You don't follow Barack Obama around like a lost puppy dog in the instance of Claire McCaskill of Missouri if you subscribe to the oath. You simply live within the 18 enumerated powers, and you don't misinform people what the General Welfare Claus means. First of all, it's in the mission statement known as the preamble. It's not a 19th enumerated power of Congress. It's defined in Federalist 41.

It just sickens me how out of touch Washington is with James Madison, the father of the Constitution, and it's all so special interest and specials deals can be made so your representative and senators can come home very rich men and women with their names all over federal buildings that are unconstitutional in the first place.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm ready Sharky ... let's stop it.

LandShark 5150 said...

BBill -- Our founders feared leviathon. They knew its shackles of oppression. The rights, that no man can grant, would be devoured. One bite at a time, until the tool of the constitution and the people rise against it and gut it.
The Federalist papers is the blueprint, the ratifaction debates is the mortar and brick, The Constitution is the house. And it shelters us from the storms government thrust upon us. We need to get back to closing the door, weathering the elements and taking absolute, ABSOLUTE COMFORT in the strength of our home.

I am proud that I can take shelter of this home with my fellow countrymen. I take pride in knowing that this home, is large enough for all of us. We are all equal caretakers of this house and it is designed to allow for that.

Thanks for your support and comments. sharky

Anonymous said...

Well Obama just said on MSNBC-that he has 100% confidence in Janet Napalitano.
So that should answer your question.

LandShark 5150 said...

Woody -- this is the line in the sand. This is where Travis drew it in the dirt of the Alamo. We are out numbered by politicians that do not listen nor do they care. Santa Anna carried himself selfless pride and arrogance. He did not listen to his officers.He underestimated his enemy. He had taken his force to far from home. And he won the battle but lost the war shortly there after.

Our battle of leviathan has been waged against us with onslaught of the Federal Reserve in 1913, The New Deal in the 30's-40's, The Great Society in the 60's. All designed to take and feed the leviathan known as the U.S. Government. Did any of these actually work, wasn't each designed to fix the last? Look at the Healthcare bill, It is going to be the BIG FIX for medi-care medi-cade, the 60's. Which fixed the 30's-40's handouts. And the Federal Reserve, designed by 8 of the richest bankers and businessmen of the world, so the saps (you & me) pay for any of their failures, thru taxes. The Rockafellers, Gettys, Morgans, Chases -- you know the fucking same bunch of assholes that are getting what now?
Answer -- a little deeper stroke in our backside.

Yep this year the war starts, we will reclaim what is ours, our country from the (not our) government.
Our government is of, by and for the people.

Sacred feces, where's the Tylenol?

Teresa said...

I don't think liberals are taught about the Constitution. I think its all a part of the Democratic plan to keep their constituents stupid so they can't think for themselves and keep them reliant on government so they keep on voting Dems in office.

Well, I think it might be up to us, the citizens, to reach out and teach these voters about history and the Constitution. I think there needs to be a streets effort or something like that.

I have been hearing a number of people who have Obama buyers remorse now, so they may be on the road to being patriots.

Yes, we must hold our politicians accountable in both the parties. But, at Republicans are against Obama's health care reform, a takeover of 1/6 of our govt., cap and trade and the out of control spending. Yes, Republicans need reforming but there is a stark contrast between Republicans and Democrats.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

What an awesome post! I, too, have been bothered by the presidential oath of office, and BO's clear attempts to subvert the Constitution, not protect, preserve, or defend it. He's long said that he thinks it's a faulty document, and his promise to "remake" and "transform" America runs counter to it in every conceivable way. He's a serious threat to this country, and I keep waiting for someone to make a case for impeachment.

Our military makes an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. But does that include the CIC?

LandShark 5150 said...

WWOR -- Thank you for the read and comment. Dear Leader sounds good today with that line of crappola but, my prediction..... He doesn't want the public to question his judgement and as Cartman would say "his A-thoritie" so just a year into his imperial reign. So poor Janet will "voluntary" step down. And by let's say the end of July, Hilly baby will resign. The mid east will be a hot bed of oh... lets say Israelis kick the crap out of their neighbors, followed by an air strike on Iran by the good ole USA. Hint: the newest bomb Dear Leader gave the okay a few weeks back to build, that is slated for aug completion. So maybe in Sept the sand will hit the sky.
Hilly couldn't have her hands on this one and be MaObamas whipping dog to blame. You know, she has all that experience as a diplomatic wizard. The Clintons are about Bills legacy and their daughters political future.

Thanks again, hope you come back. sharky

LandShark 5150 said...
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LandShark 5150 said...

Fuzz Slip -- Dear Leader has two options come next year...or sooner. 1: throw out the constitution all together, extending his stay through lawyer quadruple talk that only leaches understand, because lets face it the constitution is on a life support system. We have had an 80 yr attack on it after a 60 yr rest from the near fatal wound received from Abe. or...2: he will have to learn to reach his hand across the aisle and get along in order to survive and rebuild his legacy. Cause lets face it, his reputation as a leader is in the crapper.

Impeach -- won't happen. Who would do it? Everyone who was the power and authority is just as guilty!
Oh, and we take an oath, Obama makes oaths. Just funning, Thank you for the read and comment. Have a great new year! sharky

Susannah said...

Clay said: "The words of the Constitution arne't outdated like liberals will suggest. How would they know. They have probably never read through them. They are tough words, words founded around discipline and limits. As you know many liberals don't like the Bible either for this very reasons."

This is EXACTLY what I was thinking!! How true, how true!

One Ticked Chick said...

Great post. Maybe our elected representatives should be required to actually read the Constitution before they take an oath to uphold, defend and support it.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

LSP said...

'Both parties are guilty" - for sure.

"... if the sense of religious obligation deserts the oaths..." Well, that's just about gone - I'd say we're in for a scary ride.

Rational Nation USA said...

Great Post.

I, however unlike the beliefs expressed in some of the comments, believe elected officials have read the constitution. Whether or not they actually UNDERSTAND it is altogether another matter.

It is in fact time to vote out of office every last one in 2010 and 2012 on both sides of the aisle.

The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are both corrupt and out of touch with the nation. In fact most of them are out of touch with reality.

The_Kid said...

Well, there is This Organization for starters.
A trusted source tells me there are many in high command positions of the military who are members. This all boils down to the military in the end. As in Honduras?, it's possible they'll strike when the administration clearly and grossly treads on the constitution and the citizenry?

But like you, in the meantime, I wonder who in the legal community will risk their lives to attempt to bring such a case to the highest court while potentially 5 members of 9 will still vote favorably for America.

And, I don't have detail but remember reading that many who signed the Declaration of Independence were hunted the bulk of the rest of their lives. Some returning home after many years to visit and finding their homes destroyed and families murdered.

Signing the Declaration was no trivial thing. Mr Hancock was truly Jazzed.

The_Kid said...

Landshark, Looks like I put a bad link into that last comment. Was supposed to be a picture of Kerry in his bunny suit, and another of Carter doing his impression of a naughty beaver.

Cec Moon said...

Well spoken LandShark! Our biggest failing is entertaining the thought that these cretins are subject to any concept of honor, duty to country, or honesty. The only word they truly understand is "lie." Once we confirm their identity as vermin, then and only then, can the extermination begin. Our biggest failing is misunderstanding that we share the same values.
Great post!

LandShark 5150 said...

Susannah -- Clay is the man. Thanks for the read and comment.

OTC -- in the immortal words of San Fran Nan " are you kidding me." Thanks for the comment and read.

LSP -- God must cry or laugh. Bet he's crying from laughing. Thanks my friend. sharky

RNU -- Our make an example out of them, for all future wanna be politicians. Thank you, your words are always welcome here. sharky

Kid -- Thank you for your read and comments. The oathkeepers, I am well aware of (linked on sidebar).
I think it was Toaster 802 on the Goomba network, that hsd a great post that is a counter to that very topic. Something to stew the brain on. I welcome you, and invite you to visit oft. Thanks again!

CMoon -- Now that is well said. Thank you for the comment and invite you to come back. sharky