SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A key legislative committee in California has revived a bill that would create a government-run health care system in the nation's most populous state.

The Senate Appropriations Committee released the bill Thursday for a vote by the full Senate next week. The legislation had been held over from last year.

Creating a single-payer system would cost an estimated $210 billion in its first year. That's roughly double the size of the total state budget.

The bill by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, would create a commission to decide how to pay for it.

Republicans mocked majority Democrats for reviving the bill two days after Massachusetts voters elected a senator who opposes the Obama administration's national health care plan.

from the AP


The Right Guy said...

californians must be mentally retarded. Talk about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. They have been spending and taxing themselves into oblivion, their economy is in shambles and they want more entitlements. I must be missing something here. May be it's the water in California, I don't know, but it seems to me that rational thinking must be an endangered species there. Such thinking creates an unsustainable economy, to use one of their buzzwords. TIme for them to GTFU.

I like the blazer trying to pull a 5th wheel. That is equally as stupid and a good analogy.

TRUTH 101 said...

Sharky: you and your right leaning brethren arevrefusing to see how good single payer is for business.

Imagine a California where the burden of health insurance expense is lifted from business and spread to the taxpayers. You surely understand adverse selection. A group of 30 million would by definition keep costs down.

California would be a mecca for businesses wanting to be relieves of this expense and drain on the time of human resources. Our friend Left Coast Rebel should be applauding this.

Ad just to remind, business is always asking the government to do something to help it. This would be a huge help.

The Right Guy said...

You're kidding right? With all the regulation they have in California, it's a business nightmare. Healthcare costs are high in CA because of the entitlement class known as illegal immigrants that use the emergency rooms for a doctor's office. I'll put it another way: I wouldn't want to work for a company that used a crappy single payer system. I wouldn't move to CA for a lot of other reasons too, but that would pretty much cap it off. So, how does spending double the annual budget pay for itself with companies going there? It won't happen. You're delusional.

Bungalow Bill said...

Rationing from day one considering the health of Cali. They know how to drive the rest of their businesses out of the state, don't they?

TRUTH 101 said...

The company is relieved of the burden of health insurance expense Right Guy. You can go to any doctor you want.

How's your HMO working out for you?

LandShark 5150 said...

Business inCali or any where else will still suffer. Healthcare from the biz end was a way to lure employment as a benefit. Now if the state will take on that benefit, where do you think the state gets it,right, the taxpayer. In cali, as many other states, the tax consumer out weighs the tax payers. So where will the state go next to get that tax base. Back to the business. And they will run. The artical explains the price forecasted. With the state already upside down, hmm... where will they go for the money. The Fed tit. The other states taxpayers.

If you read today’s news, you want to talk about acts of imbecility, I mean, my Lord. Payroll taxes in every state in the union are going up. Do you know why they’re going up? Why would payroll taxes be going up in a recession? I’ll tell you why. Because we have made commitments to the state and commitments to long-term unemployment benefits. Somebody has to pay for it. So the few people that are left in business and are still operating, according to the U.S.A. Today, are getting clobbered, slaughtered with rising taxes because the states are bankrupt. Today the news breaks, this is also in today’s U.S.A., the news breaks that 25 out of 50 U.S. state unemployment funds are bankrupt. It’s over. They are broke. They’re insolvent. There’s no money to be disbursed.

So how much more are you going to give? All of it? For a nibble of the tit? Or are you going to allow yourself the respect of saying no more. The Fed (reps and dems) are both thiefs, stealing your ability to stand on your own feet. Manage your own affairs.
Healthcare is not the problem, healthcare insurance is. Or healthcare doesn't refuse anyone, and if you think it does, your fooling no one but yourself. Insurance is your responsibility not the state. Maybe a saving for it, and not going and buying the lastest DVD or night of bar hopping, not saying you do either, will put the option in your hand. Self respect, self responsibility.

The Right Guy said...

I don't have an HMO. I have a PPO and I can go where I want. In fact it's 0 deductible. With a single payer, good luck. Look at Canada and England to see how long it takes to get critical care that we get in a fraction of the time here.

The Right Guy said...

and the cost of medical insurance will not make me want to move my company to California. No one wants socialized healthcare, of course unless you are at the bottom already. For high tech companies, that is not the case.