Today on the Glen Beck show, he asked the question -- " who owns the Federal Reserve", well the answer is found in the book by G. Edward Griffin. The book is on the book shelf on the side bar of this blog. I have been pushing this book for a long time now.

The reason that the Federal Reserve Act was written on Jekyll Island; and that’s the reason the books name -- The Creature From Jekyll Island, is because the Federal Reserve Act was not drafted in the halls of Congress, it was drafted in secret on this private island off the coast of Georgia which was completely owned in those days – it was a private club actually called the Jekyll Island club – by a small group of billionaires from New York: people like JP Morgan, and William Rockefeller, and their business associates. And so the banking fraternity went to Jekyll Island, to this very private club, and for 7 days they sat around a table there in private – smoked a lot of cigars I’m sure and drank some good whiskey – and drafted the Federal Reserve Act.
And for years later they denied that they had ever been to Jekyll Island to do such a thing, and of course later it all came out. It’s a matter of well documented history now, but they denied it. They didn’t want people to know that the legislation which was being offered to break the grip of the money trusts, which was the phrase they used in those days, was written by the money trust. Obviously, if the public had known that then the scam would have been out in the open and the legislation never would have passed.

For a good interview check out this link, then find the book and read it!
The commercial site where the book and recordings and video documentaries can be obtained is called Reality Zone, it’s http://www.realityzone.com/; and then the organization which is made up of people from all over the world who are trying to do something about this constructively, really make a difference, not just knowing about it and complaining about it but actually doing something about it, that’s called Freedom Force. And so that’s http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/.

And once again, the name of the book, if you’re looking it up on Amazon, is called The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin.

To download/playThe Creature from Jekyll Island go here .


jadedfellow said...

Dear Shark,

Ain't no doubt folks need to get educated about what the Fed is all about and what it is doing.

It basically is a manipulation device cloaked as a government entity. Having seen some of the tricks the Fed has been pulling with money supply, special quarterly levies on corporate bank account balances and what not, I suspect it is in major trouble, but information about current status is nearly impossible to get.

In talking with various upper level bankers over the last year and a half there is a real animosity growing towards the heavy handedness the Fed is exerting. Not sure what is up, but it will be bad news if Obama, in his apologetic nonsense, begins to pressure the Fed to appease the countries that hold so much debt.

Not trying to be an alarmist here, but my gut is telling me a perfect financial storm could be building off our coasts.

Thank you for bringing up this little understood menace that is affecting this country.



LandShark 5150 said...

Jaded -- Thanks for the read and comments and the follow also.
We are chocking on the turd sandwich they have been feeding us. And the bellies are full.
Obama hasn't the balls, nor do many of the mongrels in Washington. sharky

jadedfellow said...

Hey Shark,

Timely article at moneynews.com by Julie Crawshaw commenting on the possible manipulation by the Fed and government in the market run up since March 09.

This coupled with the collapse of funds inflows from traditional investors into the stock markets, as taken from JP Morgan Asset Management analysis reports, makes a feller wonder what the crap is going on?